Why You Should Use Nail Polish on Your Tools

After this, you’ll never struggle to read small markings again!

There aren’t many reasons to use nail polish in your workshop, but here’s one of them.

Many tools come with markings that are virtually impossible to read. Wire strippers have little gauge numbers, squares have numbers and graduations that are hard to read, and sockets are some of the worst offenders.

It’s even more of a problem when you’re in a dimly lit room. So, then you have two things working against you: your sight and the light! (Or lack thereof.)

Well, the days of straining to see vital information on your tools is over.

We’re going to highlight these numbers and graduations with white nail polish. Making the change couldn’t be easier, and it will make the numbers stand out more.

Just shake up the nail polish and make sure it’s mixed well. Then you need to brush it on. Don’t worry if it’s a little sloppy, because most of this is going to come off in a second or two.

Coat the entire area on and near the numbers. Then, let the tool completely dry.

Finally, take a damp rag and lightly drag it over the tool. It should remove the excess nail polish while leaving nail polish in the recessed areas. It’s just like grouting tiles!

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