Which is Higher, Glass or Acrylic Splashback? » Residence Fashion

The glossy traces of glass and acrylic splashbacks are very interesting to consumers of contemporary kitchens. You now not have to fret about cleansing tile grout and each can are available in actually any color or digitally printed with any design. Which is finest although?

Acrylic Splashbacks

There are two foremost kind of acrylic splashbacks obtainable

  • strong color acrylic, the place the fabric is similar color throughout
  • “glass look” again painted or printed clear acrylic the place the rear of clear acrylic is colored as with glass splashbacks

The latter appears to be like significantly better however they each carry out equally properly, they’re considerably warmth resistant (100C- not appropriate to be used behind electrical or gasoline hobs), absolutely waterproof and can provide a seamless design.


  • Might be minimize and drilled on website
  • Can be found in any color
  • Waterproof and light-weight, so nice for bogs and showers


  • Not very warmth resistant
  • Simply scratched (might be scratched by a barely abrasive cloths)


Glass Splashbacks

Usually created from toughened glass that has been color coated or printed on the rear of the glass. Toughened glass splashbacks are extremely warmth resistant because of the manufacturing course of, they’re superheated earlier than being rapdily cooled making them 4 instances stronger than glass. As with acrylic splashbacks, they are often any color or design and in most circumstances have a seamless look relying on the scale of the realm you want to cowl.


  • Very warmth resistant and appropriate to be used behind all hob sorts together with gasoline
  • Waterproof, heavier than acrylic however a lot stronger
  • Not simply scratched (you possibly can clear it with wire wool)


  • Can’t be minimize as soon as toughened

Given there’s normally solely a small value distinction between acrylic and glass splashbacks we might advocate glass in all circumstances the place you might be certain of the scale (so you don’t want to chop them) with the attainable exception of bogs and showers because of the weight distinction and in addition the power to chop and form acrylic on website.

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