What Is An Exterior Door And How Do You Incorporate It To Your Home’s Design

It’s common for homeowners to want to spice up their properties once in a while. A house is one of the most expensive investments people usually make, which is why most of them are looking for ways to make the property look and feel brand new even years after they made their purchase. You’ll have a hard time enjoying your investment if your property looks the same throughout the decades. 

If you’re looking for inexpensive and effective ways to upgrade your home’s design, read on. This article can provide tips on how you can make the most out of exterior door and incorporate this to your home’s design.

What Is An Exterior Door?

As the name suggests, an exterior door is a door that’s made to be installed outside of your house. Exterior doors are very beneficial in homes because these provide security and boost the curb appeal of properties. In fact, homeowners spend a lot of money to buy an exterior door as no home will be complete unless it has at least one installed. 

Other than these, external doors come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also find different types of insulating materials, like vinyl, in the exterior doors of your home. Protective materials for the doors, like weather stripping or even powder coatings, are also available today. Whatever your needs will be, there’ll always be an exterior door that fits the bill.

How Can You Incorporate An Exterior Door To Your Home’s Design?

An exterior door is a need in every home. Regardless of the style, size, and location of your home, you’ll need to have a couple of exterior doors. But, instead of merely installing exterior doors just for the sake of it, would it be better if they actually complement your home’s design? 

If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal and ensure that it stands out from the neighborhood, maximize your exterior doors. These doors are already functional as they are, but making small changes to their appearance can do wonders to your home’s appeal.

Here’s how you can incorporate your exterior door to your home’s design:

  1. Choose An Exterior Door That Comes With A Window

    Another tip on how to enhance your front door is to try and keep it a bit more modern than normal. For you to easily incorporate your exterior doors to your home’s design, choose doors that have at least one window on them, if not two. Aside from being very unique, this kind of exterior doors is actually very functional.

    If you’re not a person who likes to open and close doors, then, choosing to install exterior doors with a few windows on them is going to help you a lot. Using this kind of door will make it very easy for you to determine who’s outside of your home without having to open the door.

    Exterior doors that come with several windows will work well in homes that have contemporary designs or those painted in light colors. Having windows on your exterior doors will allow light to enter your home and make your home look brighter.

  2. Paint Your Exterior Doors

    Painting your exterior door is a great way to make your home look better and feel more inviting. This is one of the cheapest ways to incorporate your exterior doors to your home’s design as this will only require you to buy a few cans of paints (depending on how many exterior doors you have) and a few paintbrushes.

    If you want to make your exterior doors stand out through paint, there are a number of different things that you should consider first. For example, you could choose to paint your front door in a dark wood color and add a few accents, such as a small mirror on the inside of your door, or you could choose to paint it in an antique style using stained wood and a bright shiny top coat.

    There are many different ways to paint your door to make it look better, but it’s vital that you plan your move first. Using the wrong paint color for your exterior door might clash with your home’s design, making your property look cluttered.

  3. Hang Some Accessories On Them

    Homeowners would usually change their home’s design based on the seasons of the year. More often than not, homeowners will use different décor pieces during Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Some would even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day, and make sure that their homes are decorated according to the current holiday. If you do the same at home, why not make your exterior doors part of your décor?

    Another way to incorporate your exterior door to your home’s design is to decorate it similar as to how you’re decorating other areas of your home. If you’re adding red-colored and heart-shaped decors for Valentine’s Day inside your house, consider making a wreath with the same elements and hang them on your exterior doors. If the entire family decorates the home with pumpkin during the Halloween, hang some plastic bats on the exterior doors to create cohesiveness.

    You can actually do a lot of things with your exterior doors. You just have to decide on which design elements present in your home you’d want to highlight on your exterior doors.

  4. Make Use Of Decorative Panels

    All exterior doors have the same purpose, and it is to provide safety and security to the entire household, and complete the overall structure of a house. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to use the same-looking exterior door as what everyone else has. As mentioned, exterior doors now come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and exterior doors with decorative panels are a great way to make your home more unique and appealing.

    If you want your friends to have an idea on what they can expect inside your home, then, you should use exterior doors with decorative panels. Depending on your preferences, you can choose exterior doors with decorative panels that are located on the side or center. You can even have your exterior doors customized so that they’ll have decorative panels that suit your personal style.

    If you’re having a hard time choosing which decorative panels to choose for your exterior doors, assess your home’s design and identify elements that can be added. For example, if your home has floral wallpapers all over, you might want to consider investing in exterior doors that come with floral decorative panels. If your home follows a monochromatic design and uses blue as its primary color, exterior doors with blue details might work well for you.

  5. Match The Exterior Door With Your Home’s Theme

    There are many different options available today to increase the appearance and appeal of your home. And, if you want to give your exterior door a new, welcoming face, you can go out and get a whole new set of doors that perfectly suits the existing theme of your home. This can be done quite easily by purchasing custom-made ones. But, if you’re not ready to spend that much money right off the bat, there are other options available to you as well.

    There are so many different choices when it comes incorporating your exterior doors to your home’s design. For instance, if you have a modern house, you may want to choose a door that’s very sleek so that your home can stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood. On the one hand, if your home has a country look, you may want to opt for an exterior door with a traditional style, one that features a lot of wood or metal. On the other hand, if your home currently follows an industrial theme, an exterior door with steel elements might be the best option.

    Homeowners are following specific interior designs for their homes today, and you can take cues from them if you want to effectively and seamlessly incorporate your exterior doors to your home’s design.

  6. Use Your Door As The Focal Point Of Your Home

    When it comes to home designs, having a focal point is important because this is the first thing people will see the moment they enter your property. The appearance of your focal point can tie together all of the design elements present in your property and home—you can achieve all of these things when you use your exterior door as a focal point.

    One way that you can make sure that you’re able to make your exterior doors the focal point of your home is to make sure that they look beautiful. You can do this by choosing beautiful colors or materials. If you want to give your door a contemporary appeal, you can even go with modern hardware or glass. If you want to go with a more classic look, you can choose wrought iron or wood.

You’re The Boss 

Depending on the current condition of your home’s exterior doors, you can choose to refurbish it by painting it in another color or replacing it with a brand new one. Depending on your preferences, you can even hang or place decorative pieces in or around your exterior door. Regardless of how you’re planning to incorporate your exterior door to your home’s design, remember to be as creative as possible. 

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