Wardrobe Design for Small Bedroom

A tiny space, an oasis of peace and tranquility – does it sound like a tall order? Of course, the first prerequisite is to hide items out of sight somewhere. The first challenge is precisely that  too – effectively combining the keywords ‘stash’ and ‘out of sight.’ The dilemma is the clear choice between scant storage and voluminous wardrobes that cramp a compact space style.

Here are some pretty storage ideas using some creative and imaginative thinking to get through the cupboard conundrum that adds tidiness to a bedroom.

Using the Wall Behind the Bed  

Sometimes, as an alternative to installing cabinets, overlook the wall behind our bed. But when you are low on storage, find this place to create your closet. To maximize storage space, you can add bedside tables to the design and push the cupboard to the ceiling. A note of caution: keep the layout light and minimalist, so that room does not appear to be suffocating.

Review the Colour Tone of the Wardrobe with the Flooring and Walls

It’s also all about innovation and sound design. Trick the brain by using the same or similar colours for a cupboard as the wall next to it or the floor it sits on. It offers a seamless look and helps to add fluidity and room space without any strong demarcations.

Take a Slider Door Feature Almirah

A reality that most people ignore is that when opened, closets absorb not only the floor area on which they are built but also that which is protected by the doors. So in a small bedroom with sliding doors, it’s better to go. It is a smart way to conserve space, and it also has a sleeker look.

Indulge in Cupboard Design with Glass

It’s one of the oldest tricks in architectural texts. Mirrors capture light and help create a smaller room’s appearance. Therefore, opting for a closet with mirrored doors makes perfect sense and looks incredibly classy. Mirrors make the cabinet look less bulky as well. What’s more, you don’t need to invest in a dressing table, which means just one thing: room saved!

Using Other Materials that are Reflective

Another alternative is to use opaque, translucent, or transparent, slightly reflective materials such as glass. It serves a similar purpose to mirrors, offering a more airy feel to the bedroom and decreasing the weight of the wardrobe.

Don’t use Dark Colours

While darker colours can create a crowded appearance, a lighter colour palette achieves the opposite by making the room appear larger. So, when you choose a cupboard in only one shade, but a lighter one at that, it helps brighten up the room.

Go for Almirah Designs Designed for Small Spaces

It is getting a wardrobe built into wall cavities instead of creating a wardrobe on vacant but valuable floor space or having a freestanding standing cupboard there. Doing so also ties the wardrobe to the theme of the setting, helping it to blend in. In the design referred to above, space next to the window seat was used to build a wardrobe. This style is suitable for a small area due to the lack of handles, sleek design, and a mirror panel insert.

Extend Armoires to the Roof

In a tiny room, each inch of space is precious, and waste is as good as theft. So get your carpenter to build an almirah that goes all the way up to the roof, so you have at least one more shelf-worthy room. Ask your carpenter to create new dressers for that spot if you have already built your cupboard with an empty loft space. You can utilize it to store items that you only need once in a couple of months, such as suitcases.

The Mirror Ruse

You know the trick before, don’t you? Mirrors multiply the sense of space and make the room feel more significant than it is. Using mirrored mirrors on the wardrobe panels not only makes a modish statement but removes the dressing-up mirror as well.

The Headboard Wall Expanded

Wall-to-wall space has been used here as cabinets and closets for storage. This wall in a child’s bedroom features a free bonus shelf where toys and books are placed. Completes the configuration by attaching both sides of the wardrobes.

Take the lead from this little space at the storage unit. The room left over from the wall on either side of the bed was used to create separate wardrobes. Even the creative style suits side tables.

Open Capsule

A capsule wardrobe is a limited range of selection of commonly worn clothes and accessories (for a given period of time). All you need is a handmade piece of furniture that stores this. In this way, inside the bedroom, one can have a small, easily organized storage space. Other clothes may be kept at another location – the dresser drawer, a nearby wardrobe, or storage space.

Making optimal use of available space is both crucial and smart. Get in touch with the experts at HomeLane for customized bedroom wardrobe designs, and solutions to other home interior related queries as well.

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