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Rather than opting for single colours on your wardrobes, why not take a look at some lovely colour combinations that can enhance the décor of your bedroom? We’ve rounded up some striking contrasts as well as low-key colour combinations that work well, so you can shortlist the ones that you like.

Cerulean Blue Against Smoky Grey

Cerulean blue conjures up images of frothy waves washing against a beach and is the perfect foil for a combination with smoky grey. Both colours work well in this wardrobe with sliding shutters, done up in a highly reflective glass finish.

Lemony Yellow And White

Soothing and low-key, this dual palette is refreshing and vibrant, all at the same time. Colours that you can opt for in the rest of the room include aqua, spring green, and other shades of yellow.

Straight wardrobe colour combination

Two-Tone  Wardrobe With Mirror

Just about any colour will go well in this design that incorporates a mirrored shutter alongside high-gloss laminates. Mirrors have the added advantage of opening up space and making it look visually larger than it is.

Dual tone wardrobe colour combination

Mauve And White Wardrobe

Evocative of decadence and feminity, mauve is a moody and romantic shade that goes well with creamy off-white. This dreamy dual wardrobe combination is perfect for a pretty young girl’s bedroom. Make sure that you follow the same or similar shades in the bed linen, curtains and wallpaper.

White colour wardrobe design

Teal With A Mirror Panel

Named after the coloured band around the teal bird’s eyes, this gorgeous shade of teal will remind one of nature. This glossy shade pairs beautifully well with a mirrored middle panel in this two-tone sliding shutter. The two panels are contrasted against the loft, which is finished in textured wood laminate.Coloured wardrobe with mirror

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

We love the way the yellow panels in this pretty almirah bring in an exuberant burst of sunshiny cheer to your storage unit. The pop of colour looks brilliant against the mellow tones of the beechwood laminate.

Yellow colour straight wardrobe

Black And White Wardrobe

This yin and yang duo is everyone’s eternal favourite, and is never going out of style! However you choose to combine these two colours in your wardrobe, you’re going to end up with décor that’s stunning and dramatic.

Black and White straight wardrobe design

The Warmth Of Wood

End-to-end fitted floor to ceiling closets combines the timeless warmth of wood with mirror inserts that offer some visual relief and contrast. A complementary palette would include shades of red, cream and white.

Floor to ceiling wardrobe designs

Red And White Wardrobe

This classic combination is a winning one used by many brands – It also happens to work very well in home décor. Among the boldest colour combinations possible, red and white never fails to make an impact.

Red and Wine Wardrobe Designs

Translucent Shutters Against Wood

If you are looking for a change from colour-blocked laminates, these translucent acrylic shutters are a great alternative. Sleek and stylish, they go well with a minimalistic palette. An added advantage? You’ll be forced to keep the inside of your wardrobe always looking good!

Translucent Shutter Wardrobe

Violet-Blue And Cream Wardrobe

Violet and cream is one combination that is sure to win many hearts. Simple edge-banded straight shutters in matte laminate finish bring out these fabulous shades to the forefront of the decor.

Violet Blue and cream Wardrobe

To sum up, using two tones prevents a wardrobe from looking too bulky and brings in an interesting contrast in the colour palette. Connect with the HomeLane team to pick winning combinations for your home.

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