Vastu Vs Feng Shui: What are the distinction?

There was a longstanding debate about which one is simpler, Vastu or Feng Shui. Whereas it’s a problem to find out which one is best, a transparent understanding of each sciences’ rules can assist you select one which aligns along with your ideologies.

vastu vs Fengshui

Similarities Between Vastu and Feng Shui

  • The target is to search out concord between the cosmos, atmosphere, and nature.
  • Each derive concepts from metaphysics for residence interiors combining materials objects with intangible parts which you can solely really feel however not see.
  • Area is organized primarily based on the circulation of power. Feng Shui labels this power as “Qi” or “Chi,” whereas Vastu names it “prana.”
  • Each practices provide options to any evident drawback within the association of house.
  • Each have interdisciplinary derivatives.

vastu and fengshui

Variations Between Vastu and Feng Shui

Ideas Vastu Feng Shui
That means Vastu Shastra means the science of house or constructing. Feng Shui means Air and Water.
Origin Vastu Shastra originated in India round 1200 years in the past, for the first objective of constructing temples. Feng Shui originated in China 5000-6000 years in the past with the first objective of selecting one of the best burial areas for Kings or Emperors.
Derivatives Contains rules of bio building, design, structure, and artwork. It’s targeted on the artwork of arranging an area.
Foundation of the precept It’s primarily based on the knowledge derived from the Vedas. It’s primarily based on varied accounts and observations of power and the impact of a selected house on an individual’s power.
Parts Centered On Earth, fireplace, air, water, and ether. Earth, fireplace, metallic, wooden, and water.
The Increased Objective Selling religious development by aligning the power in your house. Bringing concord between the atmosphere and your power.
Cultural Parameters The rules of Vastu are common. Feng Shui is linked to Chinese language tradition. As an illustration, the usage of color crimson is promoted in Feng Shui whereas in most cultures, crimson is a aggravating color that signifies hazard.

Utility of Vastu and Feng Shui

Space of the Home Vastu Suggestions Feng Shui Suggestions
Bed room
  • The main bedroom must be positioned within the southwest portion of the home.
  • The mattress should not face the doorway immediately.
  • The mattress have to be within the south or east path.
  • Keep away from electronics.
  • Select colors like gray, gentle rose, inexperienced, and blue.
  • Select a king-sized mattress.
  • The mattress have to be positioned centrally.
  • Keep away from inserting the mattress in entrance of the door.
  • Enhance airflow with adjustable blinds.
  • Keep away from mirrors within the line of sight of the mattress.
  • Minimise digital gadgets within the room.
  • Keep away from bookshelves within the bed room.
  • Select colors which can be muted and soothing.
  • The kitchen have to be positioned within the southeast path.
  • The range have to be positioned within the southeast half.
  • Sinks and faucets must be within the northeast path.
  • Have just a few home windows.
  • The very best colors are crimson, orange, and inexperienced.
  • The kitchen should not be positioned within the centre of the home.
  • The kitchen should not face the bed room, entrance door, or a bathroom.
  • Spherical formed kitchens have to be prevented.
  • Select colors like brown, inexperienced, and crimson.
  • Cooking ranges and ovens ought to face the south, southwest, or northeast.
  • The oven or cooking vary ought to by no means be positioned within the northwest portion.
Residing Room
  • The lounge must be positioned within the east or northeast.
  • The TV must be positioned within the southeast portion.
  • Heavy furnishings and residential interiors must be positioned within the west or south portion.
  • The principle door mustn’t face the south.
  • The couch have to be positioned in opposition to a wall that’s stable however should not contact the wall.
  • The doorway must be seen from the principle couch.
  • Wealth symbols like cash and crystals have to be positioned on the espresso desk.
  • Cowl the TV display when it’s not in use.
  • Foo Canine have to be positioned on both aspect of the doorway to protect your own home.
  • Use colors as follows:
  • Blue and Black: North
  • Purple, orange, pink and inexperienced: South
  • Brown and inexperienced: East and southeast
  • Bronze, tan, gold, and gray:- West and northwest
  • Mustard, brown, tan, and clay tones: Northeast and southwest.
Rest room
  • The toilet must be positioned within the northwest portion.
  • The bathe areas must be within the north, east, or northeast portion.
  • The door should not be very ornamental.
  • The toilet door ought to all the time be closed.
  • The toilet door should all the time be closed, particularly if it faces the entrance door.
  • The bathroom ought to all the time be closed.
  • A mirror have to be positioned on the wall of the lavatory.
  • The toilet ought to get ample contemporary air and daylight.
Pooja Room
  • It have to be positioned within the northeast.
  • You must face east or north when praying.
  • It should not share a wall with a toilet.
  • It shouldn’t be underneath a staircase.
  • Use a door with two shutters.
  • There should not be any home windows or air flow on the door.
  • The room have to be painted in serene colors, ideally white.
  • A pooja room have to be positioned within the north or east path.
Youngsters Room
  • The room must be west going through.
  • A mirror should not be positioned in entrance of the mattress.
  • Select furnishings manufactured from wooden.
  • The door have to be east going through.
  • Broken and creaking furnishings have to be prevented.
  • The door have to be seen from the mattress.
  • The very best place to place the mattress is diagonally from the doorway.
  • Select picket furnishings.
  • Keep away from brilliant colors and busy wallpapers.
  • Blues, pinks, and greens are one of the best colors.
  • The doorway should face the north, east, or northeast.
  • Shoe racks must be prevented exterior the principle entrance.
  • The principle entrance mustn’t ever face the south.
  • Sharp objects should not face the door.
  • Use brilliant lights on the entrance.
  • The trail to the entrance door must be clear.
  • Keep away from a wall or staircase immediately in entrance of the door.

application of vastu and fengshui

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