Vastu Tips to Organise Furniture

It’s not too far-fetched to say that every individual wants to reside in a home brimming with positive energy. This is where the art of Vastu comes into the picture.

What is Vastu?

Vastu Shastra, or simply Vastu, is an age-old Indian system of placement (of rooms, objects, and the like) within a structure in a manner that maintains a balance between positive and negative energies. As per Vastu, occupants of a structure that has all the five elements (air, water, earth, fire, and space) will enjoy good health, peace, and prosperity.

Vastu for interiors, which is all about radiating good vibes and positive energy in a home, not only focuses on the location of rooms but also other aspects, such as placement and colour of objects like the furniture.

Vastu Tips for Organising Furniture 

Vastu furniture organisation differs from room to room. What applies to the living room won’t hold good for another room, such as the bedroom. Here are some tips to go about organising furniture in every room in accordance with Vastu:

Entrance Furniture 

Vastu experts believe that the main entrance of a home is the entry point for both the family and energy. This is why the entrance should be built in such a way that when you step out, you face the east, north, or the north-east. Vastu believes the main door leads you to progress and victory in life. These three directions are considered auspicious and capable of helping individuals attract good health, success, and wealth.

As per Vastu, it’s best to avoid keeping shoe racks, dustbins, and decorative water-related elements like fountains outside the main door to keep negative energy at bay.


Pooja Room

Vastu suggests that the pooja room be situated in the eastern, northern, or north-eastern part of your home to utilise maximum energy from the sun. The ideal way to place idols is a few inches away from the wall (to allow continuous airflow around the idols and help the fragrance of the incense sticks envelop the idols) and a minimum of six inches from the ground.

Store all your religious lamps, books, and pooja-related items facing the south-east to ensure nothing obstructs sunlight. Never store anything above an idol.


Vastu Tips Living room Furniture 

Vastu experts recommend that you place heavy furniture, such as sofas, tables, and cabinets, in the western or south-western part of your living room. As for television sets and other electronic appliances, the south-eastern, not the north-eastern, part of the living room is the best location as the north-east is associated with spirituality and divinity. As per Vastu, placing the TV in the south-west will cause it to malfunction often. If you want to place a mirror in the room, hang it on the northern wall. 

The eastern or south-eastern part of the living room is the ideal location for the dining area, provided it’s included in the room. Having a dining area near the kitchen is also a good idea because it allows easy access to food.



The door to the kitchen must be in the north, east, or west, and not in any of the corners. The stove should always be placed in the south-east as the element of fire governs that direction. The sink and the tap must be situated in the north-eastern direction. Make sure the sink and the stove are not next to/ near each other as water and fire are opposite elements that repel each other.

To organise furniture according to Vastu, the refrigerator should be placed in the south-west, not the north-east. Also, there should be a gap of at least a foot between the refrigerator and the corners. Cabinets and other storage units should be installed on the western or southern walls of the kitchen, while electric appliances like ovens, microwaves, and heaters must find their place in the south-eastern part of the kitchen.



The bed should be placed in the bedroom’s south-western corner. Vastu experts recommend that you don’t have televisions and other such appliances in the bedroom as they can disrupt sleep. If you must have a TV, install it in the south-eastern direction. 

Place heavy objects like almirahs and cupboards in the western, southern, or south-western direction. Wardrobes can also be situated in the north-west to allow positive energy to flow more freely. Fountains, paintings depicting water, and the like shouldn’t be kept in the bedroom as they may cause emotional outbursts.



As far as the bathroom is concerned, the commode should be placed in the north-western or western direction to help the toxins leave the body quicker. The shower area, shower, water drainage outlets, and washbasin should be placed in the northern, eastern, or north-eastern direction to fasten the purification process.

Place the mirrors, if any, four to five feet away from the floor, and on the northern or eastern wall to reflect natural light and keep them away from darkness.


Balcony Furniture Vastu

If you decide to place heavy furniture like bean bags, stools, tables, and chairs in the balcony, the south-west corner is the best spot for them! The north or the south is ideal for hanging a swing. Placing smaller flower pots can attract positive energy, provided they’re situated in the southern, western, or south-western part of the balcony.

Follow these Vastu tips to organise the furniture in your home in a way that brings nothing but abundant positive energy! Get in touch with HomeLane to design your perfect Vastu-compliant home!

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