Vastu Tips To Bring Peace And Happiness In Your Home

Vastu Shastra is an ancient form of science that helps to bring balance in the household. According to the principals of Vastu, objects, rooms, walls, etc of the house need to be placed in such a manner that positive energy can flow freely. Positive energy is crucial in bringing harmony, peace, happiness and wealth into the house.

Vastu tips to keep in mind when building a house

Here are some handy Vastu tips for you. Keep them in mind when you build your house to attract positive energy and increase the levels of wealth and happiness for your family:

Entrance wall

Remember to place an image of Lord Ganesha on the entrance wall. An empty wall at the entrance of the house can depict and lead to loneliness. By placing the deity there, you can combat this and bring happiness into your house.

Ganesha murti for foyer

North-east direction

Placement of rooms and objects in the right direction is a key to achieving good Vastu. The north-eastern direction, for instance, is extremely important in bringing spiritual and prosperous growth into the household. Place your Puja or meditation room in the north-eastern corner of the house. You will achieve a lot of prosperity and all negative energy will be expelled from the house.


When building the house, remember to keep the bedroom in the south-west part. This will bring stability and happiness to personal relationships. It will also draw in wealth and prosperity. The room should be bright and well-lit. Paint the walls with light, bright colours and avoid using darker shades as that can draw the negative energy in.

Discard broken things

Refrain from keeping broken things in the house. Whether it’s a mirror or a window or even furniture, discard broken items at the earliest. Broken things prevent the easy flow of positive energy. If you break or damage something old and precious while building the house, do not bring it inside, as that will not help in the growth and prosperity of the family.

Vaastu Shastra

Cross ventilation

When building your house, make sure you place the doors and windows in such a way that air freely flows and there is sufficient cross ventilation. Not only will this keep everyone in the house healthy, but it will also allow the positive energy to circulate freely around the entire house.

Cross ventilation


Build storage carefully

Many people build storage areas specifically to keep the extra items of the house away. Build your storage area wisely. You should never have one particular place that is cluttered and messily dumped with things. This will trap the positive energy and won’t allow it to flow. Build small, compact storage areas all around the house so that you can keep a check on the stored items and also store them neatly.

Vastu Tips for Storage

Place mirrors:

Place many mirrors around your house. This will give a beautiful appearance to your house. It will also pave the way for the free flow of positive energy. However, you need to place the mirrors carefully. Consult a professional interior designer or a Vastu expert to know where to place mirrors correctly in your home to get the highest benefits.

Vastu for mirrors


Install a small garden with a fountain

If you have the provision for it, build a small garden in your house. Put a pebbled path in the garden and also a water fountain. The fountain should constantly flow and the water should never be stagnant. Both these elements make it easy for positive energy to flow. A garden also attracts prosperity, health and happiness. Place the fountain, and preferably the entire garden, in the north-eastern corner of the house.

vastu tips for garden

Place Buddha statues

A statue of Lord Buddha signifies harmony and peace. It is also a symbol of prosperity. So ensure you have at least one statue of Lord Buddha in your house. You can even build life-size statues and place them in your garden or even inside the house. The statue would not only bring wealth, harmony and peace, it would also add a lot of aesthetic value to the house when placed correctly.

Buddha for Vastu

These are some suggestions that you could keep in mind when building your home to make it Vastu-compliant. If there are any other vastu tips of your own that you wish to implement, go ahead and do so. After all, it is your house and you need to make it a comfortable and happy abode as per your own preferences.

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