Vastu Colour Combination for Your Living Room

Vastu Shastra is the oldest Indian science whose learnings are used to date to generate positivity and peace at home. So, why is Vastu Shastra such an important consideration when setting up a home? Simply because our home is the place where we relish family relations and spend time with our loved ones, and Vastu Shastra ensures the mood and set up of the house generates only happy vibes. According to Vastu, positive colours like yellow, green, blue, beige, light pink, white always light up the room due to their brightness. Whereas, Vastu colours like black, red make the room dull which in turn might affect the mood of the members living in the house.

Out of all the rooms in the house, it is the living room where the family members spend the most time together. Living rooms are usually the biggest space in the house and be it any social gathering, a living room is the centre of the celebration. With so many energies colliding in one space, it is essential that the Vastu colour combination for your living room suggested by Vastu experts should add nothing but happiness to everyone in the room.

Keeping the importance of Vastu Shastra in a living room in mind, we have listed down some Vastu colour combinations for your living room, as suggested by Vastu experts to help you plan out your living room interior design.

Wall Colours: The Four Corners of the Room

Walls might just feel like a left-out element when all the fancy furniture and art décor come in, but it is the wall colours that are the highlight of the room. Walls are the corners encapsulating your living room, and the colour has to be such that it blends in with every piece of furniture in the room in all four corners. Amongst the positive colours recommended by Vastu experts, colours like yellow, green, blue, beige, light pink, white can be used for your living room wall. However, yellow, green, and light pink are a bit experimental and might not match all the furniture pieces. Therefore, if you want to keep it simple, opt for colours like beige and white, which are on the light tone and will easily blend in with artefacts and other add-ons. Shades of light sky blue are also completely versatile and will leave you hassle-free when adding sofas and more.vastu shastra

Vastu Colours for Attached Pooja Rooms

A lot of families believe in converting a small section of their living room into the pooja room of the house. Of the positive Vastu colours recommended by experts, the yellow colour is the best for pooja rooms. Yellow is the colour of Goddess Laxmi, which illuminates light and brightness. Yellow is also the colour of prosperity and intellect, ensuring that its rays empower every member’s highest level of concentration when working or studying.vastu shastra for home

Vastu Colours and Imagery for Art Works

To enhance the beauty of the living room, homeowners usually decorate it with artworks. Artworks are indeed a reflection of the homeowner’s personality incorporating their personal choice. However, when picking artworks always keep in mind that artworks are the point of attraction beaming with creativity. Therefore, you will end up glancing at artworks now and then.

According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction for artworks is the northeast side of the room. Avoid opting for any negative paintings like anger, poverty, etc. Also, keep in mind the Vastu colours to avoid like black and red which are usually used in a lot of paintings. Many homeowners end up opting for black coloured paintings made on a white canvas. This might look distinctive but is a very negative colour, according to Vastu Shastra. To make your job easier, we suggest you choose scenic beauty paintings, like flowers and leaves or a sea with colourful fishes. After all, being close to nature is extremely therapeutic after a tiring day!vastu shastra for home

Furniture: Sofas, Chairs, Dining Table

The most generic and essential furniture pieces are sofas, chairs, and the dining table.  You can pick any of the Vastu recommended positive colours which you wish to experiment with. While white and beige are too dull for furniture pieces, we recommend you to try out any other colours from the list that soothes your eyes. Ensure that these colours are also present in furniture toppers like sofa covers, cushions, etc.vastu shastra

Bright Lighting

Lighting in the room illuminates it the most. Our positive colours list includes two of the most common lighting colours, white and yellow. Brighten up your living room with loads of white or yellow light to make it beam with positivity and good vibes. Avoid using red lighting as the colour brings out an urge of hunger. Additionally, try keeping the curtains open during day time to let natural yellow sunlight penetrate inside your living room.vastu shastra for home

We hope this list of the positive Vastu colours and their usage helps you create the best vibe and energy in your living room. Fill your living room with a splash of positive colours! Feel free to reach out to our team at HomeLane

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