Vanity Table Ideas for Organized Home

Getting ready every day need not be a mad hunt for cosmetics and jewellery. It can actually be a stress-free, enjoyable experience before you step out. You may be a busy working person or a stay at home parent who loves a quick 10-minute me-time for looking fresh and ready for your day. Have you thought of creating a special place at home for self-grooming but never really implemented it?

There are plenty of options to buy in the market today. But it would be disappointing if you bought one, and it doesn’t have enough space for your jewellery or favourite gadgets. Let’s not let that happen. Read on for some cool tips and ideas to plan and design your personal vanity table.

Planning Your Vanity Table/Dressing Table

A well-planned vanity table or dressing table helps you keep cosmetics and other daily grooming essentials close to hand.

Start with this checklist of questions:

  • Should the vanity table be in your bedroom or bathroom?
  • What are the things you want within easy reach when you get dressed?
  • If in your bedroom, should it be a multi-purpose space? (e.g. dresser cum workspace)
  • What are the things you want to display in the dressing table?
  • What items do you want to store concealed?
  • How much space can you spare in the room?
  • What vanity table colours go with the décor of the room?
  • What are the materials that can be used for a dressing table?
  • How much light do you need for dressing up?
  • What kind of mirror do you prefer for vanity table?
  • What accessories can be added to decorate this space?

As for the style, you could go vintage, classic, minimalist, bohemian, simple or glamorous. The options are endless.

Ideas to Organising Vanity Table in Your Bedroom

Here are 10 stylish ideas to help you plan an organized vanity table or dressing table in your bedroom

Vanity table inbuilt in a wardrobe

A dressing table that is inbuilt into your wardrobe fits into your bedroom décor seamlessly. You won’t have to make any new colour or material choices with this option.

A Vanity Spot with Open Shelves

You can use catch-all boxes to organize your makeup tools, and jewellery holders to store your bling. Although this has a minimalistic look, there can be plenty of storage space on the open shelves and in the drawers if you add one.Vanity Table designs

Concealed drawers

Hideaway your mascara and hairdryer in shelves like these. You can use organizer trays inside these drawers to neatly line up your cosmetics and jewels.

Vanity Table designs


Hidden vanity table

Dressing tables can also be concealed behind wardrobe doors when not in use. This keeps the clutter away from sight.

Find an old, sturdy wooden cupboard, rework the shelves to suit your dressing needs, add in leg space to slip in a chair below, and add a few coats of your favourite paint. Voila! You have a custom-designed, repurposed, concealed vanity right there. Organize your beauty products on shelves on the inner sides of the doors.

Vanity set with an inbuilt mirror

Match the table and the mirror for a sleek look. Add designer cushions and lighting to create more excitement in the nook.Vanity Table designs

Mirror to suit your taste

You don’t have to buy an attached mirror and table. You can pick a unique ornate vintage, ethnic or glamorous mirror to perk things up.Vanity Table designs

A simple assortment of storage, seating, and a table

Sometimes a mix and match of mirrors and furniture may suit your needs. This can add an eclectic vibe to the room with your choice of accessories. Stash up your makeup items in small baskets or boxes on the table or on shelves nearby.Vanity Table designs

Multi-functional Vanity table

You may want your vanity to double up as a work table, to make the most of your limited space. Such multi-functional bedroom furniture adds style and function and cuts down clutter. You can keep a clear tabletop and foldable mirrors. And build in multiple drawers beneath to organize your work tools and beauty tools separately.

Vanity Table designs

You could also opt for a tabletop that flips open to reveal a mirror and storage space for your grooming accessories. A neat little foldaway vanity table.

Vanity Table with Floating shelves

Dressing Table with Floating Shelves
Vanity Table with Floating Shelves

Save space with floating shelves like these and a stool that fits into the groove under the shelves.

Vanity Table design for bathrooms

Dressing Table Designs for Bathroom
Vanity Table Designs for Bathroom

If you choose to have your vanity in the bathroom, here’s an idea for sleek and handy storage. You could also choose a wall-hanging vanity to maximize the airiness of the bathroom, and also slot in a seat as well.

Light Up

Remember that picking apt light fixtures is a game-changer when it comes to creating the perfect vanity table.

Pick a light-up mirror like the one below to add celebrity-glam in a jiffy. Or don’t forget to add fixtures like wall lamps, floor or table lamps to suit the lighting needs in the room.Vanity Table designs

Add in a mix of accessories, baskets, artwork or plants according to your aesthetic to create a space that is customised to suit your style.

Like the ideas that you see here? Get in touch with HomeLane’s interior design team for custom-created themes and ideas for your vanity table. Tell us your requirements, and sit back while we create a space that works for you.

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