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At first, you see the 9.5-foot frame. Then the art of easy-sliding doors wows you. On opening them, you are greeted with bright colours that welcome you to your fresh, modular, and customizable space to store clothes.

What are Armadio Wardrobes?

Armadio wardrobes have modular units, sliding doors, and straight frames. The fixed-width pieces let you add or take away parts. Again, these use a room’s full height and length.

Features of Armadio Wardrobes

Here are the features all of HomeLane’s Armadio wardrobe designs:

  • Extensive Frame: The wardrobes span 9.5’ (floor-to-ceiling height).
  • Sliding Doors: Smart sliding doors save more space.
  • Customizable: Global modularity lets you add a personal touch.
  • Easy Use: Everyone finds the sliding doors easy.
  • Volume: Even after storing everything, there’s going to be space for more.
  • Integrated Lighting: Light panels illuminate while staying low-key.

Advantages of Armadio Wardrobes

This is how trending Armadio wardrobe designs boost aesthetic and use:

  •  They fit easily.
  •  The interior is spacious enough for an entire family.
  •  You can co-create with us for a custom modular design.
  •  Well-designed sliding doors blend in with any room’s look.

Maintenance of Armadio Wardrobes

Maintaining your wardrobes is crucial. It ensures the long life of your wardrobes and continuously projects the radiance of your personality.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the space.
  • Sort your stuff and keep only the necessary things in your wardrobe.
  • Organize your clothes in the wardrobe.
  • Keep some hanging rods in your wardrobe.
  • Items like leather bags, belts, and shoes should have a separate section.
  • Ensure to keep your wardrobes spotless.
  • Use a LED light to light up the insides of the wardrobe.

Our Top Trending Armadio Wardrobe Designs

These wardrobes have become pretty popular; therefore, let’s take a look at our top trending Armadio Wardrobe designs:


You can add mirrors to the doors of Armadio wardrobes. Varying mirrors gloss up and enlarge a room over again. Additionally, mirrors make the rooms look bigger and give an attractive yet classy look to the room.

Partly mirrored

Partly mirrored sliding door spruce and beautified a room. Firstly, their artistic patterns please the eyes. Second, glass is brittle, so keeping some of that old structural integrity helps.

Fully mirrored

Fully mirrored wardrobe doors suit smaller rooms as the mirrors make rooms look larger than life. Where partial mirrors have support, these doors are all aluminium and glass. Fingerprints may dampen their sheen too. Nonetheless, mirrored wardrobe doors always impress guests and broaden the room.



See-through or transparent designs radiate confidence as guests can see the wardrobe’s contents. Like mirrors, clear sliding doors attract attention. You can add a collection of white or black shirts and pants to make the wardrobe classy. The see-through style gives a sneak-peak of your wardrobe’s insides and projects your open-minded personality.


All screens have a bezel. Likewise, “fully” transparent sliding doors have thin edges. We leave the trim to hide the various mechanical parts of the door. Regardless, you may love it and opt for this pictured look.


This combination of transparent style and the timber touch makes the style quite unique and appealing. A synthetic trim fails to emphasize the transparent glass. Instead, consider making the trim out of wood so the warm and light tones contrast each other.



Material pairings give the latent wardrobe personality. You can mix and match PVC-plastic, wood, aluminium, stainless steel, steel, etc. As in the above picture, mirror patches go well with the silver PVC. However, this is one of many possible combinations.

Material Pairings

Wood patches, mirror patterns, and designs suit Armadio wardrobes. Contrast textures with plains but and dark hues with light to balance the design.

We know the struggle to pair materials, so HomeLane is here to help! See your future home with our 3D mock-up using software before you buy it.


Armadio wardrobes feature the international 32mm cabinet making system, which lets you install imported parts. Consider the scope of modular designs.

Fewer Modules

For simplicity, pick large modules combining several units. Too many modules are tough to manage and sorry. Remember that the backs of sliding doors cannot hold hangers. Even so, four or five with a central piece is perfect.


Contrasting colours make wardrobes stand out whereas matching ones conceal it. Moreover, playing with vinyl strips adds to bold designs.

Subtle Armadio Wardrobes

The muted tones of your bedroom theme make the wardrobe appear as if faded into the backdrop. A minimalistic bedroom needs this as it aims to reduce material spent. Besides, muting the wardrobe spotlights other pieces.

Bold Armadio Wardrobes

Extravagant designs show personality. The wardrobe may be the central piece in a room. Things like mirrors and vinyl make the wardrobe “shine”. Again, using contrasting colours for the wardrobe leaves a bright splash on the backdrop.

Whatever your taste, there are perfect trending Armadio wardrobe designs for you.

From the sliding doors to interiors, these trending Armadio wardrobe designs call for many choices. Options often make it harder, but HomeLane’s 900+ experts are happy to lend you a hand.

Visit any of our experience centres, or book an online session before you buy. At the centres, skilled décor experts will guide you in visualizing your dream.

No wardrobe style offers more promise than Armadio–the modern definition of versatility. Make your new home stand out with one of our trending Armadio wardrobe designs.

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