Transform Your Spaces With Expandable Furniture!

Regardless of whether you are living in a tiny bedsitter or in a spacious penthouse, you should always try to create spaces that are aesthetic as well as functional. Your home should be designed to make you look forward to returning every day; a place that is fully yours and makes you feel fantastic!

An exciting new innovation in the world of furniture helps you to do exactly this. Expandable and multipurpose furniture is ingenious and creative. They can be used to change the way you think about interiors, transforming your living spaces in ways that were never possible before.

New Furniture Trends!

Roll out beds and pull out tables are now old news. Make way for smart new ideas; living rooms that do double duty as bedrooms at night, kitchens with invisible pull out tabletops under the counter and chairs that are cleverly integrated into the cabinet units, or beds that fold up into the wall. These are just a few of the clever solutions that work well for small homes.

Furniture Ideas for Larger Homes

  • Expandable furniture has proven to be a lifesaver in many smaller homes, but of late it is gaining popularity in larger homes too, where it offers the benefits of flexible living. This coffee table can be raised up and extra leaves added to create extra space for a buffet arrangement when entertaining larger numbers of guests.
  • Seating spaces can be recreated to suit different moods, with segmented sofas that can be arranged in different styles.

Expandable Furniture

  • Having unexpected guests and finding yourself short of seating is a common problem many of us with small apartments face. These nesting tables can be tucked under one another to be used only as a side table or be pulled out and used as extra seating when you have one too many guests.

Expandable Furniture


Five Examples of Expandable furniture:

Beds that Disappear during the Day!

Is your bedroom too small for comfort? Beds that neatly fold up against the wall, leaving the floor free during the daytime for any other activity, are a very popular space-saving idea. If you dont have enough space for a queen or king-size bed, you can get a single bed which has a hidden bed which can be rolled underneath it.

A Living Room that Transforms into a Cosy Bedroom

A living room that can be converted into a comfortable bedroom at night can be every urban dweller’s solution to ultra-small apartments. Invest in a comfortable sofa that can be easily turned into a full bed when you need it.

The Dine-in Style in Your Kitchen!

If you think that your kitchen is way too small to have a table to dine at, you may be wrong. You could integrate a table and chair into your kitchen cabinets! When not pulled out, you would never know that there is a secret table there. Now, who would have ever thought of that!

Invisible Chairs the Living Room

A product designer’s dream idea is a coffee table with chairs that can be tucked inside to save space. They provide a lovely little seating space that wasn’t there just a minute ago.

Extend Your Dining Space in a Jiffy

If your dining area is small, you should definitely take a look at extendable dining sets. Four seater tables can be extended to seat six with leaves that extend out in a trice.

Benefits of Expandable Furniture

  • Allows flexible living
  • Saves money as furniture such as a sofa-cum-bed is multipurpose
  • Versatile and ergonomically designed
  • Modern designs with neat finishes
  • Creative and stylish solutions

How Do You Go about Choosing Which Kind of Expandable Furniture You Should Buy?

Always look for branded furniture that offers good value for money, and comes with a warranty. If your bedrooms are small, then you should consider looking for the beds that fold up against the wall, or a trundle bed that rolls out from under the main bed and is perfect for a sleepover. Is your dining area so cramped that you keep bumping into the table, or would you like to use the space for an aerobics session with your besties? Fold your dining table against the wall, and voila! You have a large floor that’s perfect for some lively Zumba! If you have friends crashing at your place often, and you don’t have an extra bedroom, then a sofa cum bed is the answer.

Multipurpose furniture is all about making more optimal use of the space available. Plan every inch of your home to perfection with expandable furniture that combines versatility and style. A cluttered home is surely not something you want for your family. Get inspired, save space and money, and live better in the spaces you occupy!

If you are ready to try some space-saving and expandable furniture options from our designers, do get in touch with the Homelane team today!

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