Top Interior Design Tips for Rental Homes

Social trends are changing, and gone are the days when young people have rooted in one house all their lives. Professionals today have a plethora of educational and career opportunities that take them across the world, and keep them moving from place to place. Especially in metropolitan cities, rental homes are more the norm than the exception in these present-day scenarios. Some rental homes may come furnished with the bare necessities, while others need to be done up from scratch.

Whatever your rental home may look like, here are some home décor ideas that you can put to use to make it feel like your dream home!

Create a Focus Wall

A focus wall in your living room or bedroom can add character and completely transform the energy of the space. If your rental agreement precludes painting, you could always consider peel-off wallpaper that will not damage the wall….or you could always ask if you could repaint it for them before you move out. Splashing on some colours or textures could make all the difference to the ambience and may be well worth the money spent!

Do it with Decals

There are some lovely decals available in the market that you can use to highlight the space around a door, create a pattern just below the ceiling or on the window sill. Charming slogans, intriguing stencils or little pops of art can add visual interest to the backdrop of your seating area. You could also use decals to brighten up the plain and boring shutters of a factory-created cabinet or use them on drawers to create interesting patterns. The best part is, when you are done with them you can just peel them right off. Decals can be a lot of fun, and you can be as creative as you would like!decals

Need More Storage?

Most rental homes come with nondescript mass-produced storage closets that may be woefully inadequate for your needs. Invest in some solid pieces of storage that you could take with you when you move out, like these neatly designed knock-down shelves that hold anything and everything. Very easy to install and transport, they look great in any contemporary setting and can be used in living and bedroom spaces with equal flair!Storage tips for rental home

Create the Right Mood with Lighting

With the right kind of lighting, you can transform even the most boring room in your favourite space! In a rental home, you can upgrade the lighting without any actual renovations. Make use of tall uplights that could be plugged in to add dramatic flair to your living room, or add a rice paper lamp in a corner to create a romantic mood. Strip lighting, or strings of fairy lights, are another enchanting way to create lighting magic in your room! You can use it to good effect to create a lovely glow below your cabinets or above your headboard in the bedroom. Harsh white tube lights on the walls can be replaced with yellow light LEDs to add warmth and intrigue to the rooms.Lightning tips for rental home

Fill Up Your Home with Plants!

Plants can refresh the energy in your home and make it feel more vibrant. The more plants you can have around, the better! Opt for varieties that do not require too much care—you don’t want to come home to a lot of brown and wilting leaves.Plants for rental home

Rent Furniture Instead of Buying It

There are many places where you can rent furniture for a reasonable price every month, instead of buying it outright, and this comes in very useful if you are not sure how long you are going to be living in your present home. Old, beat-up tables or storage pieces can be given a new lease of life with decals or contact wallpaper that could be removed after you are done with them. Run-of-the-mill plain sofas can be refreshed with bright cushions or throws that reflect your personality. Opt for pieces that reflect your personal taste, and avoid pieces that clash with each other….you don’t want to end up with a mishmash of distracting styles in your décor!Rental Furniture

Brighten Up the Floors

Bright and comfy rugs are just what you need to personalize your space and hide imperfections in the floor. Quite often wooden floors in rental homes may be scratched, or tiled floors could be stained, and you can cover them up with some lovely carpets or dhurries. We recommend buying something you love, as a carpet is quite easy to take along with you when you move to your next home.bright up the floor

Pictures Without Nails

While there may be restrictions to hammering nails in the walls, you can try strips of two-sided tape like washi tape to fix lightweight pictures or posters on the wall. Usually made of natural fibres, washi tape is strong and can be easily removed without chipping the paint. Try adhesive wall hooks on doors to hang up anything you’d like. You can even string up family photos using paper clips for a warm and cheery feel!interior design tips for rental home

As a renter, you can try out just any décor style you like, as everything is going to be completely refurbished when you move. So experiment to your heart’s content and enjoy the fun journey! Tell us in the comments below whether there are any other décor tips you have tried and loved in your rental home!

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