Top 10 Window Seating Designs for Your Home

Are you looking for the perfect and aesthetic window seating designs for your home? Window seats are usually carved out of the remaining space. Most of the time, their purpose is to get sunlight and see the outside world. These also provide extra storage as some have cabinets/drawers underneath.

Designing window seats seems like a challenge, and if they do not work out as you wish, it can be quite frustrating. If you don’t know what to do with them, they exist just to provide additional space to keep your items. Add some colours and accentuate your room. Are you having trouble?

Do not worry. Scroll through the list; we have different window styles for you and get inspired to create your own little space. By using some small sofas, pillows, mattresses, etc., a stunning place can be created.

1. Reading Nooks

If you are a book lover, you should definitely try this. You can make it from a small space that is set aside for reading purposes. You can design it according to the available space. Even if the space is small, you can design it beautifully. They can be light, airy, and spacious. If the reading space is beautiful and cosy, it will only inspire you to read.

If you have a small space, you can still design your book nook. As shown in the above picture, you can keep your books on the shelf in different sections around your window seating. Decorate it with colourful pillows and a mattress; it will become your treasure spot.

2. Window seat with storage

Window seats look so stylish and elegant in the home. A home which looks elegant and has complete facilities is a dream of every woman. If you are looking for extra space and don’t want to compromise on anything, storage benches are a good option. You need to decide the size, colour, material, and model.

You need to make sure that the quality of the product is good as it needs to be really strong. Otherwise, it will get damaged easily by water, fire, weight etc. You can utilize the extra space that you created. You can keep items now without wasting the space.

Now, use it to make your window seat. Place it near the window and lay pillows and mattresses on top of it. It will look stunning and cosy.

window seat with storage

3. Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook is an amazing and cosy place to start your day. These are more than just a place to have breakfast. Breakfast nooks can become a great place for children too. They can do their homework and play around there.

You can do your tasks there, so it’s not just an eating place anymore. But, if you have little space, they may not be your thing. Breakfast nooks take up some valuable space. It can be cramped especially if you have a small space. Worry not! We still have other options available for you.

Window seat breakfast nook

4. Faking it with sofa

You can fake it. There is no need for you to invest in built-ins. You can make your own window seating design. All you need is a sofa/couch. You have to balance while decorating it in front of the window.

Sofas are usually large in size, so make sure they don’t block natural sunlight. The back of the sofa should be relatively low, so it gives the impression of a window seat. Try matching the sofa or couch with the background. Try making it look like a window seat. The surroundings and sofa/couch should complement each other. This looks gorgeous with bay windows.

window seating sofa

5. Not just a staircase

Do you also think that the staircase is just to go up and down on different floors? Then, you are wrong, and we are here to change your mind. Suppose you want to make use of the space available in your house. This one can be your thing.

Having a window and space can do the trick here. Just lay some pillows and a small mattress on top of it. It will look stunning. However, the staircase needs a lot of space and a window. Otherwise, it is not suitable for you. It looks unique in a house. Usually, you do not see many of these.

staircase window seating

6. Minimalism

If you are a minimalist person, we have some suggestions for you too. It’s about blending in when it comes to you. Focus on neutral colours. The pillows and mattress should be neutral looking so they match the environment of the room.

The window seat is a great place to decorate as it blends into the background when you do not use it. When you want to get cosy, you can hang out here. For you, white, beige, black, and nude colours are great. You can also add some simple, beautiful flowers and plants to keep the room fresh.

minimalist window seat

7. Polka dots

If you have a small space and you want to draw attention away from it, use polka dots. It is very feminine and elegant. Don’t overdo it.

It will look too overwhelming. Use simple pillows and a mattress; paint polka dots around the window seat. Try to draw attention to the walls. A small room should not limit you to explore your creativity.

8. Feminine and elegant

Ladies! Do not hesitate to show your feminine side. Use all the colours that you love, like pink, red, and yellow. Show them off! Make sure that the shades match and those shades should complement each other. Retain the palette pink, and paint flowers on the wall.

The window seat can be decorated in such a way that it reflects your elegance. Add fresh flowers to lift up the mood: lay big pillows and a colourful mattress on top. Make use of the space and decorate it. You can add decorative items like candles, vases, and plants.

Have fun decorating your window seat.

Elegant Window Seat

You can always come up with your own designs. The above designs are meant to supplement your thought and inspire you. You can always get help from Homelane’s interior experts within a short period of time. They will assist you in your decisions.

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