Top 10 Interior Design Trends in Delhi

Delhi homes sport native touches as well as a global eclectic charm with equal ease. You’ll find a great balance of vibrant colours and subtle hues, furniture from local artisans and global design studios, lots of artwork and much more! You’ll also find a love for plush-looking interiors whether designed on a budget or not. Here are the top 2021 interior design trends in Delhi right now:

1. A Love for Wood and Natural Materials

A solid wooden piece of furniture – whether antique, sleek, or rustic – is a popular feature in Delhi homes. Other natural materials like marble, raw stone, leather and metals are used lavishly in furniture and accent pieces.

For your home, you can pick a mix of sleek and heavy wooden furniture. You can also use wood-lookalikes like veneer to cut down the cost if you’re on a tighter budget. In your living room, you can use a mix of fabric upholstered wooden furniture and leather pieces.


2. Vibrant Colours – a Popular Feature of Delhi Homes

Delhi homes are known for their use of bold colours layered on a neutral palette. Among the neutral hues, you’ll find pops of colour in the form of accent pieces and artwork. There’s no shying away from bold crimson cabinetry in the kitchen, a pink sofa, a sunshine yellow wall in the home office, a coral dinner wagon, or a blue monochrome living room.

Vibrant colours in home


3. A Love of Art in Delhi Home Interiors

You will see a plenitude of international and Indian artwork showcased in Delhi homes – framed art prints and originals, terracotta and stone sculptures, and so on. In some rooms, art takes the centre stage with the rest of the décor perfectly balancing it with neutral tones.

Artwork in homes


4. Unique Pieces of Furniture in Delhi Homes

Designer or statement furniture is very popular in Delhi. You could imbibe this trend with a statement chaise lounge in your living room, or a designer four-poster bed in your bedroom. If you own any ancestral traditional furniture or any old ones that have been refurbished, place those pieces in your entryway, living room or bedroom as the pride of the place.

Antique furniture trends in Delhi

5. Kitchens in a Delhi Home Balance Form and Function

Delhiites don’t believe in all work and no play, even in their kitchens! You’ll never find boring compositions, instead, there would be bold colour cabinets, or simply just a splash of colour among a neutral or an all-white kitchen. You can design a striking kitchen with stone or glass tiles or patterned floor tiles to amp up your light-coloured kitchen. You could also plan a kitchen island and a breakfast counter over a half-wall in the kitchen.

Stylish kitchens in Delhi


6. Interesting Wall Treatments

Wall cladding including an exposed brick wall or industrial-looking exposed cement walls is a popular trend in Delhi these days. Patterned wallpaper, mural art, and walls with embroidered panels are being increasingly loved too. You could try textured wall paints with metallic highlights, frosted sheens and gypsum-based plasters to add depth and character to your walls.

Home Decor trends in Delhi


7. Metallic Accents

Metal is an oft-used material in Delhi houses. You could use metallic accents in the form of quirky doorknobs, tables with metal legs, metal side tables, day beds, or sleek metallic outdoor furniture. There are innumerable ways to add a gorgeous metallic accent to your home.

Metallic accents


8. Flooring Design Trends in Delhi

Marble and wooden flooring are a popular trend these days, apart from vitrified tiled floors. You can also opt for hardwood flooring, wooden laminate flooring, marble inlaid flooring, or sandstone and limestone floors, as per your liking. 

Flooring ideas


9. Textured Homes

The well-travelled Delhiite doesn’t believe in one-dimensional, cookie-cutter interiors. You’ll find a plethora of personal collectables including antique artwork and goods bought from all over the world. Plenty of textured accents like wall moulding and intricate wood panelling also find a warm space in a Delhi home. In your home, start with your basic furniture, and include a hint of your personality by adding some artwork, textile accents, or your personal memorabilia. 

Home Designs in Delhi


10. Plenty of Greenery

Bringing the greens indoor is a much-loved trend in Delhi. You will find well-manicured gardens in homes with big courtyards or even a patio. Neatly potted plants and designer gardens in smaller balconies are absolute favourites. Vertical gardens, trellis walls with creepers, and faux grass are equally sought-after.

Interior design trends in Delhi


Design your Delhi home with oodles of personality and let it tell your story. Get in touch with the experts at HomeLane to discuss your ideas and we’ll help you design your warm and stylish dream abode right away. Share your experience and your interior design trends in Delhi in the comment box.

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