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The sight of a cockroach is enough to send a chill through most people. They have earned a reputation as dirty creatures that carry diseases. The fact that they have been around for millions of years doesn’t help. 

There are actually over 4,000 species of these cold-blooded insects in the world and are potentially the most resilient of all the creatures on the planet. Their preferred habitat is somewhere warm and moist, but they can survive virtually anywhere. Cockroaches also have very strong stomachs, they can eat almost anything. 

If you think you have a cockroach problem then you should contact your local pest control. Eve seeing one cockroach is a good indication there are plenty more.

There are 4 main concerns you should focus on when dealing with cockroaches:

1. The Type

You need to know which type of cockroach you’re dealing with. This is the only way to ensure the treatment method applied is the right one and will be successful. 

Different species of cockroaches behave differently, affecting the approach that needs to be used. For example, the German Cockroach hides in dark places such as cupboards and behind fridges. It targets food which means you need to keep everything ins sealed containers.

In contrast, the American cockroach is much bigger, it averages 40mm long. They prefer outdoor places, such as sewers and even drains. It’s rare to see them in your home. 

2. The Nest needs To Be Dealt With First

This concern is actually false. Cockroaches don’t create nests. Instead, they lay egg cases that contain as many as 44 eggs each. These are aid n the dark corners where the cockroaches live, allowing them to multiply rapidly.

That’s why you should find out more info about your local experts. With no nest to target, they will help you to cockroach proof your home and ensure any already present are killed off. 

3. Cockroach Attraction

Close up Cockroach on white a bowl

One of the most important concerns after seeing a cockroach is what will attract them to your home. Eliminate this and you’re three-quarters of the way to preventing your home from being a target. 

Cockroaches tend to get into your home through tiny cracks in your walls. These are most common around doors and windows. It’s a good idea to inspect them all and seal these areas. 

But, the most attractive feature is food. Cockroaches need to eat and if you have food lying around your home will be a target.

All food should be stored in sealed containers, all dishes washed as soon as they’re finished with, and all surfaces and floors cleaned and disinfected regularly.

4. Treating Cockroaches

We’ve already mentioned it but the key to eliminating this issue is to get professional help. They’ll use bait boxes and insecticides to ensure the cockroaches are eliminated from your home.

Combine this with sealing up all access points and you can enjoy a cockroach free home again!

Note, you can do this treatment yourself but a professional service will guarantee the results, that’s peace of mind.

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