Staircase Designs that Combine Beauty with Functionality

From the purely functional aspect, a staircase connects different floors in your home. But that’s not all it does. When given the importance it deserves, a staircase can transform the mundane to the extraordinary and can take pride of place in your home décor. Staircases are a designer’s delight as they can elevate the aesthetics of your home, literally to another level! If you’re looking out for some gorgeous staircase designs, take a look at our collection that encompasses a gamut of styles and trends!

Graphic Strokes

Stark and unadorned, this steel-framed staircase is set against a backdrop of lush, verdant greenery. The open, airy staircase has simple and sleek treads that are sheathed in natural wood, continuing the design vocabulary that runs through the home décor.

Amp Up the Warmth

Never forget the space under the stairs! The landscaped stairwell adds a lovely warmth to this simple wood-encased staircase. A shallow pool lined with pebbles is interspersed with palms, delineated from the stairs by a clear glass curtain wall. The pretty lighting adds a touch of drama.

Double Duty

Short on space? This creative staircase does double duty as a bookshelf!  Space that would otherwise have been wasted is put to good use, providing much-needed extra storage space in this modern home.

Cantilevered Elegance

Devoid of any embellishments, this chic staircase displays gravity-defying treads that are cantilevered out from the wall. The beauty of the wood grains is highlighted by the detailing in the crisp, clean lines of the steps. The lack of a handrail accentuates the floating effect.

Sculptural Spiral

Sleek strips of light wood pair beautifully well with black metal in this pretty 360-degree spiral staircase. White walls, a brick fireplace and open plan spaces add to the charm of this sweet, youthful home.

Last Word in Opulence!

Here’s a spectacular circular staircase that quite steals the show, winding its way right down the centre of this elegant, upscale entryway. The smooth swirls of the metal balusters are soft and dreamy and emphasize the circular theme. A lovely console table in rosewood makes a pretty vignette at the foot of the staircase.

Folded Plate Framework

A folded plate zigzag frame supports the wooden treads of this modern, unconventional staircase. While the stairs appear to be floating, they are actually well supported by the clear glass balustrade.

Minimalistic at the Core

Less is more in this stylish city home! This pared-down, minimalistic staircase has oak wood treads that extend out on both sides of the central metal spine. While one side rests lightly on the glass curtain wall overlooking the garden, the other end is bare of any support at all.

Curls and Swirls

Lovingly crafted out of slender wrought iron, the railings are what make this staircase stand apart. That, and the lovely granite stone treads that are polished to fine perfection!

Geometric Winders

Overlapping treads create extra foot space in a constricted corner landing. In this design, triangular treads splay out from the central spine, allowing the staircase to work well although confined to a smaller footprint.

Traditional Style Stairs

Perfectly proportioned, this handsome spiral showstopper radiates out from the central metal column in a symmetrical array. The metal treads have intricate patterns that create a gorgeous aesthetic. What a lovely way to add theatrical flair to your home!

Bare Boned, Industrial

Industrial in its structural construct, this stark black metal ladder staircase fits perfectly into this comfortably furnished loft space.  The simple horizontal railings of the staircase continue as the side of the mezzanine overlook, defining and delineating the spaces.

Make the Right Entrance!

Here’s a floating staircase that certainly knows how to make a style statement! Beautifully crafted wooden treads in asymmetric shapes are suspended from the ceiling with steel rope. The exposed brick stair wall is a work of art in itself.

Looking to take the first step in redoing your staircase? Take some inspiration and guidance from the HomeLane team; we’re here to help!

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