Sofa Colour That You Love for Many Years

A good-quality sofa is a reasonably sized investment, and so we usually give it our best to treasure it and maintain it for several years.

What if you get bored with the sofa colour? You will be stuck with the piece for quite some more time before you can replace it without guilt.

Just so that it doesn’t happen, we’ve put together these tips to help you choose a sofa colour you will love for years to come.

Your ideal sofa has to:

  • Look great
  • Be comfortable
  • Be easy to clean, and
  • Ideally, hide stains as well.

If you’re starting your room design anew, and haven’t planned any furniture or element in the room, you’re in luck. Pick the sofa colour first, and then work out the rest of the scheme.

Otherwise, here are 8 questions to ponder over before you choose the sofa colour:

1. Is Sofa is the main element in the room? 

If yes, choose a colour in contrast with the rest of the elements in the room. That’s including the wall colour and flooring.

Or should your sofa blend with the rest of the room? Then pick shades similar to the rest of your palette. For example, in a neutral room, choose a beige or grey coloured sofa.

2. Choose Sofa Colour Base on Flooring

Blue sofa
Choose Sofa that goes well with Floor Colour

If you already have dark floors or a large dark carpet, opt for sofas that are lighter, or at least have light colour legs like metallic or light wooden materials. If the floor is light, any colour or leg colour will work.

3. Choose Sofa Colour Based on SizeLight Colour Sofa

Consider the size of your room when picking a sofa colour. How is that going to help? If your room is small, you can make it feel spacious by choosing a sofa colour the same as the wall, or a lighter colour sofa.

If you have a big living room, pick a colour depending on the floor colour, and how roughly or gently it will be used in your household.

4. How Easily Will it Get Stained In My Household?Strain Free sofa

Pick vibrant or darker colours for practical reasons like you have kids or pets who may dirty the sofa often.

Use lighter colours if you’re confident about keeping it stain-free. Or use materials like leatherettes that can be cleaned just by wiping with a damp cloth.

5. What Vibe Do You Want To Create In The Room?Sofa colour based on room

The colour of the sofa, along with the other elements, will decide the vibe of your room. While light sofas give off calm and fresh vibes, darker colours seem to envelop you into a warm embrace.

6. Will You Change The Rest Of The Room Décor Often?

Suppose you went bold and bought a deep red round-backed sofa. You did the rest of the room in neutrals, and it looks great! After a few years, you feel like switching the wall colour to green or changing up the rest of the furniture. Would each change tie-up with your red sofa even then? Maybe not, right?

This is the most frequent reason why most designers pick a sofa in neutral colours because it is the easiest to adapt when the wall colour changes later on, or the flooring gets a facelift, and so on.

However, if yours is rented accommodation, changing wall paint and flooring, etc. won’t be possible. So, you can go ahead with a vivid hued sofa that goes with the rest of your accent pieces and furniture.

7. Choose Sofa Colour Based on LocationSofa Location

If your sofa is in an area that faces the harsh sunlight, there is a high chance that it will fade progressively. So be extra careful to move dark coloured fabric or leather sofas away from any harsh sunlight.

8. What Are The Rest Of The Décor Elements?Sofa Decor Elements

Your sofa colour should complement the rest of the décor elements, including artwork, lighting fixtures, curios, side tables, and so on. Vice versa, you can also buy cushions and other accents to match or contrast with the sofa, in exciting patterns and accents.

Before buying or ordering a sofa, it is vital to ask the store for colour swatches of all shades.

Choosing the perfect sofa colour you need, and finding one of that colour may not always be an easy nut to crack. Why not leave it to the experts at HomeLane who can handhold you in this?

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