Practical Uses of PVC Curtains

Curtains are considered one of the most essential fixtures of the home. They are not only decorative accents, but also give protection from dust, grime, sunlight and provide some privacy.  Some interior designers include custom curtains in their clients’ homes as they add softness and texture to the room. Millions of people around the globe use curtains and their significance are evident in the evolution of style and material.

We’re probably used to seeing curtains with soft fabric. Most of the materials used for this hanging piece are cotton, silk, linen, velvet, lace, and burlap. Recently, some offices and other industries have been using PVC curtains. They are used as transparent doors in restaurants, hotels, warehouses, factories, laboratories, factories, malls, and other establishments. Companies that manufacture PVC curtains have also come up with different designs and styles. An indication that businesses recognized the convenience of using this type of fixture.

What are the benefits and practical uses of using PVC curtains?

Economical and Low Maintenance 

PVC is the abbreviation for “polyvinyl chloride”, a synthetic thermoplastic material used for insulation, shoes, garments, and many more. It’s proven to be cost-effective with low maintenance. If you are on a tight budget but want extra protection for your premises, this is the perfect option.

PVC curtains are also very useful in warehouses or any other controlled temperature (such as a freezer or cool room) as it efficiently prevents cold loss or heat-gain. If you use this in an air-conditioned building, even with an open door, the cooling loss is mitigated. It is considered one of the most effective physical barriers as it is always closed. Temperatures in refrigerated areas remain stable, thereby resulting in less product spoilage and shrinkage, little frost build-up on machinery prevents the wear and tear of compressors, including the switches and motors.

Unlike industrial doors, PVC curtains do not break down because they don’t have moving parts. Hence, the maintenance cost is so simple and very inexpensive. 

Noise Reduction

It isolates noise from work stations caused by heavy-duty equipment and loading docks. You can have custom-designed PVC curtains with better noise reduction quality. Ask the PVC specialist near your area and you can learn more about PVC curtains here. It could reduce street noises as well. A less noisy environment increases your productivity and allows you to concentrate on your work.

Restricts Movement of Contaminants

It is essential to have a clean and contaminant-free work environment for employees, employers, clients, and even investors. It impacts health and promotes a positive work environment appearance. Dust, fumes, smoke, dirt are common contaminants that can pose a health risk to employees. PVC strip doors prevent the movement of contaminants from one place to another. They can cover both large and small door openings. 

Controls the Presence of Pests

If you are in the food business, it can be awful and stressful to see flies, insects, birds, and any other creepy-crawling creatures. The effects of potential contamination will have a huge impact on your business. They can also cause food spoilage. PVD doors and curtains are effective for pest control and reduce natural light. There is no need to seek help from pest control experts or use chemicals to reduce the presence of the pests. It won’t even cost you much if you invest in a quality PVC strip door and will benefit you and your business in the long run.

Improve Employee Comfort and Productivity

When the temperature in the workplace is comfortably cool, employees can work properly, thereby, increasing their productivity. Employees can maintain easy access while performing cost-effectively. Increased employee comfort also fosters a good working environment.

Improves Mobility

This curtain or strip door is a great choice in a high traffic environment without compromising production. It speeds up the movement of employees, personnel, customers, and materials. Unlike the traditional doors, there’s no need to stop, open, move through, and manually close the door. This process hampers productivity and efficiency. This gives PVC strip curtains an edge. However, the designs and styles depending on the needs and quality of traffic in the workplace. Some are designed for light pedestrian traffic while others are suited for heavy pedestrian traffic or that can withstand vehicular and powered traffic. So, if you want free movement, have this kind of curtain or door installed in the needed area.

Ensures High-Quality Material

PVC curtain is safe and has no toxic element due to the absence of harmful Phthalates. These strips can be hanged and stay from the ceiling for years. Even if they are exposed to harsh conditions, there are no bubbles that form within the strips that can ruin the quality of the material.

Proven Strength and Durability

The material of the PVC curtain is non-toxic and has better physical properties. Strength and durability are the major qualities that this fixture has. It can last for more than three years when used outdoors and can even last longer when used indoors.

Transparent and Flexible

One of the benefits of this curtain/door is the absence of non-toxic materials which makes it clear and transparent, thus, making it easier to see the other area, and allows the safety of inflow and outflow of pedestrians and goods they want to move or transfer This prevents accidents and collisions. And since it’s transparent, employees can experience natural sunlight without too many UV rays.

No Need to Remind to Close Them

Unlike the traditional doors, sometimes you have to go back and check if it was properly closed. With this, there is no need to remind yourself to close the curtain as it closes on its own. Because of this, the strip curtains mitigate the cold loss. 

Surprisingly, PVC strip curtains have several benefits and advantages especially to industries like supermarkets, retail stores, cold storage, food service, restaurants, hospitals, warehouse distribution, butcheries, industrial vehicles, food processing warehouses, and many more. It may not be as appealing as the traditional curtains or barriers, but the uses are very practical and cost-effective. This is the best option if you don’t want an extra expense.

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