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With the smart-home concept’s advent in recent times, there is a steady rise in demand for studio apartments or two-room sets. And making provision for space has turned into a practical problem. In these compact studios, one has to place their home furniture precisely and give a smart outlook cleverly. And generating ideas on placing furniture by saving space stands to be quite a tricky task! So, to spruce up your entire home décor, keep reading the excellent guides provided below.

It’s time to be an expert in saving space!

Space-saving entrance furniture

Wall-mounted clothes hanger

Are you the one dwelling in a studio apartment but always striving to shop for new clothes? Mount a photo frame, maybe a cute candid of yours, and hide your clothing rack behind. Once you open it, your ‘invisible-yet-spacious’ coat rack comes out. It serves as a boon while you plan to hang your favourite overcoats. An ‘over-crowded’ closet will never be visible to the outsiders!

Storage Stand seats

Right from wooden-planked, padded, and cushioned, the stand seats are in the current trend. With the arrival of newfound designs, a wide array of the same are readily available in the designer home furniture stores. You can buy one to suit your taste and, of course, décor requirements. It comes under the ‘space-saving’ furniture category, where you can store all your utility items without being visible. Fix the same against any wall, for instance, kitchen or store. Not too heavy to handle, or on occupying space, you can also cover any awkward corner of your house.

Seat with Shoe compartment

Gone are the days of ‘over-the-door’ shoe racks.  This seat with a shoe compartment stands more pocket-friendly, user-friendly, space-saving. You can place your shoes underneath the seat and put the entire unit at the main entrance or any patio. It stands as a perfect shoe storing unit and the right place for you to sit and tie your shoe-laces! You can even cover the ‘unutilized’ space below your coat rack and transform the entire area into a super-efficient ‘going-out corner.’

Space-Saving Living Room Furniture

Linen Storage sofas

Trying to make a way to store-away your unwanted items stands to be the most significant challenge in a studio or a two-room apartment. Sometimes, in spacious living rooms, big couches take-away more than half of the space! These ‘under-the-bed’ storage containers or ‘sofa-lifts’ sometimes assist in stowing away some of your things but gives a disorderly look. Spend over a classy-looking linen storage sofa, which does wonders in the real sense!

And you can utilize the entire 64” x 20” x 8” storage space to store your books, footwear, emergency snacks, and (few clothes). Otherwise, its high-quality cushions give-out all the comfort you and your guests can ask for!


Bid farewell to three-seaters and opt for the space-saving two-seaters. And it serves the requirement for any nuclear family or any singleton! Most of the time, a portion of the three-seaters remain unused while occupying a lot of space in your living area. But you can use the two-seaters according to the design and requirement of the room, using the correct amount of space.

Space-Saving Kitchenette and Dining Room Furniture

Five-Piece Dining Set with Storage seats

Make some space at your cooking-cum-dining area with the cleverly designed five-piece dining set with storing seats. And you can stash all the extra table napkins, sodas, or even some extra nibbles amongst all these four. And you do not require additional space for them, as you can slide these under the dining table when not in use.

Three-tier Sliding cupboard-on-wheels

We often overlook the unused weird-looking space in-between our refrigerator and the kitchen countertop. Retrieve the entire area wisely by turning the same into smart storage! Fix a slim and portable three-tier cupboard-on-wheels to store all your bottles of spice and condiments, and start playing ‘peek-a-boo’ while cooking!

Space-Saving Bathroom Furniture

Foldaway under-basin Storage Rack

Make a safe and hygienic zone for all your toiletries inside the surprisingly chic-looking smart storage area in-and-around your porcelain washbasin. Fix a stainless-steel flexible storage unit with detachable shelves; you can utilize one section as a secret compartment to store extra toilet rolls, hairspray, your brush, blow dryer, and favourite serums. And you can have all the space to enjoy your relaxing shower!

Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture


Trundle-beds are much more than simple fold-over beds! And perfect space-saving home furniture for transforming a regular-looking living area into an attractive-looking guest-room.

It acts as a perfect furnishing for your studio apartment or a two-room living abode. All you get are two-in-one furniture pieces. While in use, just pull out the sofa bed, a practical option for an entertaining single visitor or two kids. These Trundle-beds have successfully made their presence in today’s furniture market. The compact single-bed, which unfolds into a slider bed, has raised many eyebrows with wonder!

Well-padded Queen Bed with Storage

Bring home the ‘big friendly alligator’ to conceal all your extra pillows, bolsters, over-blankets, bed-spreads, seasonal garments, and rugs. Guessed right! It is all about spending over a queen-size bed with a smart storage concept. And you can make generous use of the extra space with your favourite rocking chair while making the room look clutter-free.

Space-Saving Office Furniture

Wall-Mounting Writing Desks

Work remotely, yet comfortably, anyway, and anywhere with the wall-mounting writing desks. With ‘work from home’ culture getting popular, why not adopt it in your home décor? These wall-mounting desks happen to be an excellent investment. You can transform the same into your daily workstation and add-on a comfortable revolving chair. Fix it at one side of your studio apartment’s living room, as it never occupies a considerable space. It never occupies the floor space either. And you can close it into neat-looking furniture when not in use.

Space-Saving Furniture for Small Veranda

Folding Deck Table with Rails

Are you planning to make fair use of your small veranda? Utilize the area sensibly by installing a folding deck table with rails. And you can laze your day-offs with a cuppa and a book or enjoy your Sunday brunch. The same takes zero space. And, while not in use, you can stretch-out lazily on your favourite easy-chair by folding it and pinning it against the wall with the aid of the sturdy rails. And still, use it to place your coffee mug!

Compact Picnic Table-Top

Space-saving furniture becomes handy and practical based on the seasons too! During the cold winter months, you will not like enjoying your dinner, sitting on your veranda in the cold breeze. Well, a compact and feather-light picnic table-top stands as the ultimate solution. During the daytime, you can place the same on your veranda. While at night, you can carry the same inside and place it anywhere inside your studio apartment. Easy to handle, and you can store it away safely, under your bed, or inside the kitchen store. The entire thing folds into an easy-to-store case, perfect furniture for all seasons! Check out such unique mind-boggling furniture in Homelane now!

So, are you all geared-up to reorganize your small living habitat into a more spacious and practical-looking one? With the aid of all the space-saving furniture guides from HomeLane, give your small space a make-over into a luxurious living-pad in no time.

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