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Since the time of antiquity, humans have been using woods to build their residences. Natural wood has been extensively used to build structures, roofs, floors, furniture, and just about anything else. While there are some other potent materials, wood offers a great number of intricate textures and patterns; while also exuding a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

Hence, when it became technically possible to authentically recreate the aesthetics of natural timber with the advantages of porcelain stoneware; it immediately became a popular trend. Integral to almost any contemporary architectural project, tiles that look like wood are increasingly being used in both indoor and outdoor floors.

What makes wood-look tiles so popular among homeowners and designers? Let’s find that out from below.

Alluring Aesthetics of Natural Wood.

Thanks to the technical advancement in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles, it is now possible to produce porcelain stoneware tiles; offering a faithful recreation of the unique textures and patterns found in natural wood. As each different timber offers a unique look, the aesthetics of wood-look tiles are also quite varied and differentiable.

With just a quick search, you would find floor tiles representing the textures of woods such as oak, sessile oak, chestnut, French herringbone, and many more. Some other options offer an enhanced interpretation of aged wood, burnt cedarwood, burnished wood, etc. Similar to other stoneware tiles, wood-look tiles are also available with different finishes – soft, matt, glossy, and such.

No matter which patterns or textures you like the most, using wood-effect tile to furnish your floors and walls is certain to give the space a unique personality and character. It’s also quite exciting to choose from a variety of styles and combine them to create a space setting like no other.


Practicalities of Porcelain Stoneware.

The finest quality wood-look tiles are usually made using porcelain stoneware material. As you may know already, porcelain stoneware is a hard and compact material with no porosity. They absorb little to no water and doesn’t bend under the pressure of heavy loads.

Usually, this high-quality variant of porcelain tiles comes with enhanced resistance against fire, sudden changes in temperature, humidity, scratches, discolourations, and accidental breakage

among others. These are floor tiles that can last a long time, and still, keep their appearance intact.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are also quite easy to install, maintain, and clean. No-porosity helps them to keep their sealing in place over many years. They are also compatible with almost every cleaning liquid, which can be used in tandem with any traditional cleaning tools. If installed outdoors, their characteristics like frost-proofing and resistance to abrasion can be hugely beneficial too.

As a result, tiles that look like wood are not only stylish and trendy but also very convenient to use in everyday life; making them an unbeatable choice to renovate any home.

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