Organic Skin Cares

Can you believe it? Many of the skin care products that we use everyday on ourselves as well as our family, are filled with chemicals. One day I happened to read an article about all the chemicals in our products that we use on our body everyday and I was just astounded. It moved me so much that I started investigating to find out for myself and I was blown away.

Skin care companies are making products that have so many chemicals in them that you will just be shocked when you find out. I don’t know about you, but when I purchase soaps, shampoos, deodorants and so on, I don’t read the labels. I just look for a name brand from the most popular companies and trust them and purchase their products. Let me tell you that some of the products that we all use everyday contain over 100 chemicals in them. Yes, you heard me correctly, over 100 chemicals in one product.

So you are asking yourself, Maklon Kosmetik how do these companies get away with it. Mainly it’s because the consumer just doesn’t know. These companies have made fortunes on these products. We’re talking billions of dollars. Now let me tell you about an article that I read recently that was published in the Wall Street Journal. This article stated that it is rumored that the United States Government is considering forcing these skin care companies to change their product or risk having a label placed on each product stating that it has harmful chemicals, similar to what was done with the cigarette companies! Wow, that blew me away. These chemicals in the products that we are bathing our children in and putting on our bodies everyday are loaded with chemicals that we need to be warned about. Does that not make the hair on your arms stand up?

Ok, so what do we do is your question about now. What we have available to us is Organic Skin Care Products. Yea!!! But wait, do you know that there is a huge drive towards purchasing organic products? Yes, there is. The consumers are becoming aware and are making changes. And that is great. Everything will be fixed. Or will it? … I have to share something with you. Something that I think that you must know. Many of the same big, well known companies, that we all have trusted and used for years, have seen the demand for natural organic skin care products and they are now making organic products. They can still make their billions of dollars. Now comes the information that I have to let you in on. Many companies claim that a product is organic if it contains carbon. Carbon, yes that’s right. So, if you think about it, what is oil made of? Yes, the same product when refined that we run our automobiles on. Oil is a derivative of leaves that fell to the earth millions of years ago. So oil is carbon based. We are using petroleum oil products on our face and hair. Does that not make you sit up in your chair?

Not only are many companies claiming to be selling you with organic skin care products that have carbon in them, but they are also claiming that their products are organic if they only have 40% of organic materials. What are are all the other elements of their product? Take a guess. You might be asking why they do this. My only guess is, for the money. If you have a product that makes millions of dollars and now the public wants something natural to protect themselves from the exposure to chemicals, these companies can’t replace the fragrance and feel of the product by making it organic. So what they do is a combination. To me this seems a little like lying. Lying to your customers. Lying to the people that trust you.

We do have other alternatives. Thank goodness. There are honest skin care companies out there that make products that are truly natural and organic. What I want you to do is to read the labels the next time you purchase a skin care product. I know that often the print is so small that it is difficult to determine what is in the products, but you must become aware of what you are exposing yourself and your family to. Please read the labels.

Another important piece of information that we should all think about is what natural organic skin care products can do for you. The truth be known, organic skin care products are far better for your body than other products. Why, well because mother nature created the ingredients of natural organic skin care products. How can you beat that. Mother nature makes plants that help to rejuvenate and heal your skin. Do you really think that chemicals can do this? Try organic skin care products and see for yourself. I can assure you that your skin will glow and you will look better and feel better. And yet there is more. Using natural organic skin care products is good for the environment. Yes, the environment. The reason is that there aren’t any chemicals used to fertilize the plants used in organic skin care products. There are no chemical additives need for organic skin care products. So you are helping to save the planet by doing something that is good for you by using only natural organic skin care products.