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Qatar- an economically strong and flourished country is home to people belonging to different nationalities besides the Qatari citizens. According to statistics, emigrants outnumber the group of Qatari citizens. With the increase in employment opportunities across the country, the number of inhabitants has also progressed steadily. With the rise in the number of residents, the real-estate business has also grown enormously. The number of studio apartments, villas, 1 to 5 BHK apartments for rent in Qatar has developed over the years. There are many options for selecting a house according to the location, budget, and demographics. Renting has always been a viable option, especially for emigrants. While looking at homes for rent, distance from the workplace, schools, healthcare centres, airports, markets, affordability factors are the major points that come into account.

Do your research

Moving into a new home in a new country requires so much thinking and research. In a country like Qatar, finding a place for rent is considerably easy if you have decided what type of home you want. The cost of different kinds of property varies from every location in Qatar. Unfurnished homes are the least expensive ones compared to semi and fully furnished homes. Serviced apartments are ideal for short-term stays, while studio apartments are the best choice for single working professionals. They are comfortable and budget-friendly in the long run.

Families with children can opt for apartments with 2 to 5 BHK according to their requirements. Semi and fully furnished apartments are expensive, but it is better than splurge money on furniture in an unfurnished apartment. If budget is not a matter of concern, they can go for compound or stand-alone villas. These villas are more spacious and bigger and give the residents complete privacy. Villas also come in a beautiful garden or a backyard. 

Renting- Step by step process

Renting apartments or villas in Qatar is not a complicated process if the required steps are correctly followed.

Research phase

Leaving more time to learn and discover more properties in Qatar gives a good understanding before landing on one choice. Taking a regular glance at the classifieds section might give some ideal options. Apart from this, contacting real estate brokers or licensed agents is a good option. Knowing about the property and the landlord before the agreement process is essential. The property has to be registered and follow the government rules appropriately. 


Checking and carrying the right documents before the agreement results in a hassle-free process. Documents like Qatar ID, salary slip, employment details, employer’s ID are required before signing the papers. Married couples planning to rent a place should submit their marriage certificate with the other document proofs. It is illegal for an unmarried couple to live together in Qatar.


The tenancy agreement will be provided in Arabic as well as English. Rental contracts usually last for a fixed duration, after which the tenants have to renew them if their stay gets extended. As a tenant, you should read the clauses carefully. Each landlord has different terms and conditions in the contract papers. Breaking any rules given in the documents will cost a fortune or face legal actions from the landlord. So it’s essential to read and understand the agreement and follow the clause for a happy and peaceful tenancy period. 

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Deposit and rents

Payment methods are mentioned earlier in the contract signed by the tenant. Monthly rents are paid through post-dated cheques in Qatar. The amount of the security deposit typically varies from 1 month to 3 months in advance that will later be sought from the resident at the end of the stay. Simple rules like not damaging property or walls should be taken care of by the tenant.

Moving in

After completing all the required procedures for renting an apartment, the individual or family can move into the house. Owing to the school /kids’ schedules, most of the vacating processes happen at the beginning or end of summer. In case any conflicts arise between tenants and the landlords, the issue has to be taken to the nearby Rental Dispute Settlement Committee.

Moving out

When you are moving out of the apartment/villa, you should make sure that the house is in good shape with no damages. Detection of any losses will lead to a deduction from the security deposit.

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