Let’s Talk about Trending Couch Designs

Are you making the rounds of furniture shops trying to zero in on the couches that are just perfect for your family? We know what a hard choice that can be, and we’re here to help to choose perfect couch designs for your home.

How to Choose Perfect Couch Design for your home?

when choosing couch designs for your living room, these are the things you should keep in mind:

  • Lifestyle: You need to find something that suits the way you live. What do you use the couch for? Is it a more formal piece of furniture, used just when guests visit? Or is it used for TV watching, family chitchats, even eating dinner in front of the TV? Should your couch double up as a makeshift bed when the need arises?
  • What is the material you are looking for? What should the finish and style of upholstery be? If you are into a sustainable lifestyle, think in terms of rubberwood, recycled wood, rattan or bamboo.
  • How often can you vacuum the couch, or opt to re-upholster? If you want highly durable sofas, leather or rexine are good choices, as fabric couches require a higher level of maintenance.
  • What styles do you like? Straight back, contoured, slipcovered or with removable cushions?

Ready to find out about all the different styles of couches you could pick for your living room? Just sit down on your couch and read all about it!

Rattan Sofa

Sofas that are woven out of rattan are high on the sustainability quotient and never go out of style. These elegant sofas suit any interior and offer a casual, charming vibe that is farmhouse chic. Mix and match cushions, rugs and throws in complementary patterns and textures to add to the carelessly put-together classy look.

Leather Couch

Leather couches are classic and comfortable, and undoubtedly the last word in elegance. And hey, we aren’t treading on the toes of animal lovers here. Do opt for faux leather, which looks and feels like the real leather but is not made from animal skins. The faux leather is perfect for the person with Vegan preferences. Tan, brown, black and grey are shades that mimic natural leather. All types of natural and artificial leather are easy to maintain and very durable.

Leather couch

Chippendale Loveseat

We’ve always endorsed loveseats in any form and shape, and when it comes with a Chippendale tag, you can’t go wrong. The trestle-style legs are of solid cherry wood, while the upholstery is simple and adds instant class to any space.

couch designs for your living room

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfields come with high arms that are contoured and are the same height as the back, offering deep ample seating. This generously proportioned sofa looks better in larger rooms. The back is usually tufted, and the sofa is supported on spindle legs. Chesterfields look equally elegant when finished in wood or any fabric, with preferably light and simple finishes.

chesterfield couch designs

Sofa with Slipcovers

Slipcovered sofas are perhaps the most charming of them all. Warm and cosy, these sofas invite family get-togethers and fun-filled evenings. An added advantage is that the slipcovers are removable and can be washed easily. Opt for all-white slipcovers for a more formal look, or pretty patterns that match the rest of your décor.

Futon Sofa

Popularised in Europe, the futon-style sleeper sofa combines the best of both worlds: comfortable seating during the day and a supportive bed at night. Streamlined and stylish, the futon comes with exposed reapers and a mattress that can be readily transformed to sleep one or two guests.

Sectional Couches

Sectional couches are contemporary, featuring clean lines and no-nonsense silhouettes. These sofas are made up of independent sections, hence the name. They can be put together in various configurations. This style looks best with plain upholstery and works well with minimalistic interiors. Soft cushions or textured throws can soften the look of sectional sofas and add pops of colour or patterns.

Cabriole Day Bed

This couch style has come to us from France and brings in the refined elegance and gentility of the French lifestyle. Delicate, tiny prints and subtle colours usually characterise the upholstery. Pretty carvings on the wood add a feminine aesthetic, while the legs splay outwards gracefully. Cabriole couches are classical and could look out of place amid contemporary décor.

Midcentury Couch

The midcentury couch was trendy in the ’50s and ’60s, and have swung back into style in recent times. These retro pieces of furniture come with low-slung seats, backs that are usually tufted, and distinctive tapered legs in solid wood. The upholstery is typically in shades of solid colours that can run the gamut of the colour spectrum.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian couch designs are characterised by light-exposed woods, simple lines and minimalistic frames to evoke a sense of oneness with nature. Popularised by the likes of IKEA, Scandinavian truly combines utility with aesthetics. This simple sofa is effortlessly stylish and encapsulates the best of modern living.

Scandinavian Style couch

Bridgewater Style

Classic Bridgewater sofa rates are high on both comfort and style. The low, rolled sidearms, sloping back and tailored skirt mark this popular style, which looks equally good with plain as well as patterned upholstery. All the surfaces are gently contoured, inviting a relaxed bout of TV watching during your afternoon nap.

bridgewater style couch

Bamboo Sofas

On account of how fast it grows, bamboo is considered a sustainable wood. Not only is it more flexible and robust than many other types of wood, but it also comes with a pocket-friendly price tag. Sofas in bamboo are best left with a natural finish and can suit almost any design aesthetic. They do need padded upholstery and cushions for comfort, and you can get creative with bright, vibrant colours and fabric; or choose muted tones that are high on elegance.

bamboo couch designs

We hope we have been able to help in your quest for the perfect couch designs! To get more expert advice on the styles that will suit your living room decor, contact a HomeLane designer today.

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