Kids Bedroom Design Trends in 2020

Childhood memories last for a lifetime, and it is parents who paint these memories with beautiful colours of pampering. A child’s bedroom is an integral part of these precious memories.

Children’s bedrooms have gained immense versatility and importance in terms of creativity over the years. Gone are the days when parents got a gender-biased blue or pink colour themed bedroom or wooden bunk beds for their kids. Today’s interior design industry offers a plethora of design options that aim to enhance a kid’s bedroom.

When selecting interior designs, people are often afraid to borrow ongoing trends as they feel that the trend might go out of fashion soon. However, the following list of extremely versatile kids’ bedroom design trends, that we have thoughtfully put together for you, are absolute classics and surely will never go out of style.

Rustic and Vintage Style

Breaking through the monochromatic colour palette of pastel colours for kids, this new ‘vintage style’ trend takes its cue from the trending international Netflix shows. They primarily encapsulate a rustic and old-fashioned English feel. The beauty of this trend is that it can easily be replicated and looks stunningly beautiful anywhere, irrespective of the size of your kid’s room.

The room features muted blush colours, paired with furnishings like wooden frames, bunk beds, digital art pieces, and lots of furs. To add in more of the vintage feel, fairly lights can be used on occasions. If you are hesitant to experiment with some colour scheme, simply opt for tones of grey.

The Kid’s Castle

Right out of a fairy-tale story, this room design is reminiscent of a room inside an enchanted castle. You don’t need huge chandeliers or crystals to build this castle room. It is the paint that does all the magic: mint blue with the combination of grey pastel colours. To enhance the room further, a castle crafted bed can be created for your little one, and tones of gold can be added to the furniture pieces.

Pastel colours have always been the go-to colours for kids’ rooms, and have been overdone to such an extent that the typical blue and pink pastels have almost become a cliche. However, experimenting with new pastel shades is always a good option to keep it safe yet room design

Sleepover Nights

An important element of school days is friends coming over for a sleepover. A school going kid always has a bunch of best friends and favourite cousins coming over every now and then. If their room space is compact, it gets uncomfortable to fit all the toys, books, and camping style beds together. Therefore, use your high ceiling space in creating two bunk beds for your little one and their gang.

Stroke the room with white and a dark orange colour scheme complete with compact drawers that hold all the essentials like books, pens, mini toys, and more. Ensure that the orange colour scheme is on point and does not get mixed with an ochre or tangy room

Scenic Beauty in My Room

The easiest way to compliment a kid’s room is through wallpapers. While the typical teddy bear and Peppa pig wallpapers are now out of fashion, it is the ‘nature’s’ elements that are topping the wallpaper trends. Kids begin their learning journey by associating themselves with natural elements like ‘mountains’, ‘rivers’, and ‘trees’. Every bedtime story incorporates these aspects of nature.

Using marble white and mint blue colour themes, incorporate wallpapers with zingy green trees and tan-coloured corrugated walls to portray rocky hills. The best part of this kids’ room trend is that it will be appealing to them even after they grow up since a scenic beauty wallpaper is always therapeutic after a long day of hustle-bustle. Zingy green and corrugated walls in the shade of tan brown is the easiest scenery to develop in a room

Purple Accents for Mickey and Minnie Rooms

Want to choose a dark colour scheme that stands out? No, it’s not black, red or pink! The right colour is purple. Try out this new top kids’ bedroom design trends purple accents strokes which compliment bold graphics like black butterflies, mickey mouse, and Minnie Mouse figures. The colour purple is more like a dark blackcurrant colour shade that blends with both black and white colours perfectly well.

This design trend of violet, black, and white is quite a rare combination which will make your kids room unique in both design, graphics, and colour combination. However, the only drawback of this trend is that this colour combination limits a new entry of any other colour, like red or blue, which will make it look completely out of place. It also demands high maintenance since the bold graphics require regular upkeep, or else the room is sure to lose its pristine room

They bedroom designs are extremely popular with kids and leave a lasting impression on anyone who walks into the room. Plus, these designs are very photogenic and will compile as a beautiful childhood memory in your photo album.

We believe buying a home is hard enough, however, setting it up shouldn’t be. Our experts at HomeLane can help you design a room for your kids, which are not only trendy but also pocket-friendly. Reach out to us soon!

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