Introducing Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year: Classic Blue  

Calm, simple and enduring, Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year is Classic Blue. Blue can take many forms; from the whispers of colour in misty mornings to the grey-blue shades of stormy seas; from the limpid depths of mountain pools to the soft powder blue of summer skies. Pantone’s reasoning for this colour choice is that there is a real need now for stability in our lives, and what better refuge can our spirits have than in the quiet dependability of classic blue?

We echo Pantene’s train of thought and bring you some lovely décor ideas that are centred around classic blue.

Feeling Blue

Feeling blue isn’t always a bad thing, as this lovely living room shows us! The focus wall is a deep, timeless shade of blue that dominates the room. The décor features crisp white curtains and pinewood furniture with a throwback to retro days. Don’t miss the antique TV set and the old fashioned radio sitting pretty atop the vintage shelving unit!

Classic Blue Velvet

Blue and white have always exuded elegance, and we’ve always loved this classic pairing. Just a few elements in blue are enough to elevate the look of a room, as this designer shows us! Draped in luxurious blue velvet, this elegant armchair matches the blue throw on the settee and the hints of blue in the wall art.

Blue armchair


Royal Blue With Yellow Sofa

Classic blue pairs wonderfully well with sunny yellow, as is evident from this cheerful corner. Variations across the two shades are picked out in the artwork and the floor rug, tying the colour duo together.

True Blue Drapes

Shades of blue always give off a tranquil and relaxing vibe that’s perfect for a bedroom. Blue velvet floor-to-ceiling drapes add an elegant touch here, with the same shade picked out in the long bench seat against the wall and the patterned cushions on the bed.

Backsplash Blues

Here’s an innovative way to introduce a splash of deep colour to your all-white kitchen! The exposed brick wall behind the counter is painted in an enduring shade of deep blue. Use acrylic paint to ensure that stains can be wiped clean.

Say it with Blue Kitchen

Pops of blue is the hero in this quiet corner of a pristine white kitchen! Do check out how you can add freshness to your kitchen interior by adding some blue elements in your kitchen.

Spa Blue in Bathroom

Blue has always epitomised royal tranquillity and nowhere is this more in evidence than in this expansive bathroom. The minimalistic and clutter-free, classic blue and white palette is used to create a serene and soothing spa-like effect. When in doubt, choose blue and white; and with this pairing, it’s hard to go wrong!

Mediterranean Blue

Beachside chairs upholstered in a jaunty blue and white stripe add appeal to the Mediterranean aesthetic in this beach house. The rich blue paint on the wooden windows lends an old-world charm, while the décor takes a sophisticated turn with the stylish sleek centre table. The wooden planter tubs are painted in a subtly different shade.

Symphonies in Blue

Awash with soft blue hues, this bedroom decor evokes all the moods of the seas and skies. Blue-themed textures and patterns are brought together to create subtle variations in scale and tone. The end result is calming and restful; a haven of peace that we’d love to come home to every evening!


A Few Tips to Incorporate Classic Blue in Your Home

  • Blue is a colour that tends to dominate any space, and if you want to mellow it down you must always balance it against a neutral shade such as white, cream or grey.
  • Blue pairs beautifully well with all shades of green and yellow, for a peppy, high contrast interior.
  • If you do not want the blue to overwhelm the space, use it only in décor accents like artwork on the walls, blue glass or ceramic artefacts, and printed or plain soft furnishings in your room.
  • Create a vibrant décor theme for children’s rooms with back-to-the-basics shades of poster red, leaf green and classic blue.
  • A room done up in three or more tints of blue can be very calming and peaceful.
  • A combination of blue and crimson or orange can be over-stimulating; use these colours together with caution.
  • Natty blue and white stripes lend a nautical touch to your decor.
  • Experiment with solid and printed variations of blue on the walls, drapes, furniture, cushions, rugs and accessories in your room, and look for the elements that appeal to your personality and work well together.

Are you looking for more ideas to incorporate classic blue into your décor palette? Our designers at HomeLane can give your home a makeover that you’ll love.

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