Intriguing Ways To Add Peace And Tranquillity To Your Home

We live in a very distressing world, during one of the most distressing periods in living memory. It is no wonder then that more than ever before we crave tranquillity and peace in our home and personal space. There are excellent resources and websites you can visit for inspiration. 

While companies like The Soothing Company offer quite a few unique home additions, there is a degree of personalisation that goes into setting up your ideal place of calm tranquillity. We have compiled a list of our favourite, unique items you can implement in your home to achieve that zen escape from the concerns of day to day life.

Tabletop Zen Gardens

Although they are gorgeous, we aren’t necessarily referring to only the tiny zen garden kits you can purchase at the local curio store. There is a wide range of options, the most striking of which are the larger feature pieces. You can find sets large enough to occupy much of a standard-sized coffee table or dresser stand. 

We recommend a single, more prominent piece over multiple smaller sets. Clutter is the antithesis of harmony after all, and the more prominent your mini zen garden, the more likely you and your family are to engage with it.

Mandala Wall Rugs

The idea of a wall-hung rug is nothing new, but the concept can be extended to a mandala rug. The calming effect of the repeating, meditative patterns reflects the curiosities of the Mandelbrot equation, a repeating pattern and scale that intrigues as much as it brings a sense of calm to your space. These decor must-have are usually perfect for enhancing the relaxing vibe in a bedroom.

There are numerous options, and we recommend multiple layers of complimenting hues in an assortment of sizes. It is worth mentioning that the standard circular shape is the way to go. While there is nothing wrong with trying something new, the few square and rectangular options we have seen are a bit jarring.

Tree Of Life Dream Catcher

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the beauty of a traditional dream catcher, but they have seen exposure to the point of cultural irrelevance. It is unlikely that a typical dream catcher will bring anything meaningful to your decor, and rather likely it will detract from it with its inherent ubiquitousness. 

The Tree of Life Dream Catcher combines the irreverent beauty of the tree of life motif with the form and flourishes of the traditional dream catcher, it offers an invigoratingly fresh take on both. We were awestruck by a large, perhaps one and a half meter in diameter example implemented as a wall-mounted centrepiece.

Mini Water Fountains

Last but by no measure least, mini water fountains are one of the most useful decor items in cultivating calm and tranquillity. You might at first think of the rather imaginative standard little sandblasted things commonplace in the foyers of the unimaginative across the country. We highly recommend taking a look at some of the original and breathtaking options available online.

Our favourite category is the type of mini fountain that creates the perception that it is a water fountain by happenstance. A beautiful example of this comes in the form of a ‘Dilapidated Buddha Statue’. The design sees water pouring from various cracks on the seemingly old and weather-worn set piece.

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