Interiors 101: Rustic Home Interiors

Did you know that rustic designs have a warm colour palette, organic theme, and natural light? With its versatile nature, rustic designs tend to soothe your mental stability. Modern interior designers and style lovers are a huge fan of rustic home interiors. From the bathroom to the living room, the presence of this amazing design will instantly grab the attention of your guests.  

Perhaps, you are looking for elegant ways in which you can bring the magical touch of nature in your home. With nature’s rustic vibes and HomeLane’s expertise, explore these five rustic home interior features that your home must-have!

Here are 5 must-have rustic home interior features you ought to bring to your home. Rustic home interiors use raw brick, stone, wood, etc. Old furniture, rough walls, and earthy tones amplify it while rustic decor completes the look.

Natural material

A man borrows from nature to survive, the rustic style says this eternal truth:


Trusty stonework, e.g., beams, pillars, fireplaces, and planters, enrich a rustic home. The organic touch added by natural elements helps maintain a soothing appearance while adding an interesting perspective to home aesthetics. 



Wood turns into walls, furniture, accessories, and anything you can imagine, so first-timers do not forget to include it in your list. 

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Corrugated Metal

Corrugated steel is a key design element in rural and urban rustic homes, as it contrasts the dark and old themes in flooring and roofing. The elements/ features of this style ensure to steal the limelight of the show.


Textured brick walls look alive and, even in the background, are the room’s focal point.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones are brownish colours that link to nature. Hence, they radiate comfort and homeliness. The key earthy tones are:

  1. Beaver, chocolate, topaz, wood, etc., browns that borrow nature’s slices of life.
  2. Muted reds, e.g., Tuscan, redwood, sanguine, and rosewood, which hint at energy.
  3. Cream, which complements cool tones.

Textured walls

Again, textured walls, which raise the aesthetic of your rustic home, can vary. The simple wood textures used in our wall designs are stunning. The warm vibes of the timber-touch will let you feel like a king/ queen. Stone textures give rooms a sense of regality that will not break the bank and wow guests. The urban brick wall is a hallmark of rusticity, and so, earthy brick patterns alone raise the flair of a room. Light can make or break rustic home interiors, as enough light gives elements shadows and emphasises nature’s hand. Hence, your entire setup looks artistic and organic.

Kitchen or dining

Farmhouse layouts have central tables and chairs. Though the layout is dining in a kitchen, you can pick a colour, furniture, and the size of your own choice. Both one-sided counters with bar stools and heavy wooden tables can fit into this designated area. U-shaped layouts fit any kitchen. You may go for the farmhouse look, which features a central wooden table and bar stools.

Living room

Large beige couches and dark wooden tables and chairs can add rustic vibes to your dull room. Also, clay artefacts, vertical pots, or bamboo showpieces can adorn the room like a bride.

Master bedroom

A bedroom with dull, rustic colours and thick walls blocks city loudness so that you can sleep in peace. A wooden bedside tabletop is a must-have rustic accessory. Besides, closets with traditional doors accentuate the rustic look. Last, a wooden clock will tell time and survive its hurdles. Check out our recent muted bedroom. The designers loved making it. Faux stone and wood tiles go well with backdrops and flooring. We suggest you keep the bed classy and add a closet that we make exclusively at HomeLane.

Uber-natural veranda

To shine a light on your outdoorsy side, turn your balcony or patio into a mini garden. Plants and an outdoor setup with foldable wooden chairs bring nature indoors. With earthen pots, hanging or supported wall plants, etc., you get earthly heaven.

Rustic Décor Elements (Rustic Accessories)

Bamboo accessories

Orientalize your home with bamboo accessories, like showpieces and pots. Bamboo is strong, sleek, and rustic. Besides, it has practical uses, e.g., hand-knit bamboo buckets. In particular, yellow lights accentuate bamboo. Bamboo showpieces on the TV or study table will forever stay in style.

Stone fireplace

A fireplace completes rustic homes. Alongside rough-hewn walls, a grand fireplace, and clock combo makes the living room spectacular.

Repurposed objects

Did you know that you could make plant pots from shoes and lights from hats? Be clever because the cheapest ideas can churn out amazing rustic accessories. 

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