Interior Design Trends in Lucknow

Lucknow was once the home of the erstwhile Nawabs of Oudh, and has a rich cultural history that is reputed for its gracious lifestyles, beautiful buildings and rich flavours of cuisine. A much-loved destination for architecture enthusiasts, the city is home to fine Gothic churches, Indo-Islamic building complexes and splendid political buildings.

Even today, citizens of Lucknow are deeply influenced by their traditions, taking pride in their heritage and the glorious history of their city. A walk through the older parts of the city offers glimpses of its intriguing past, with rich colonial buildings from the British era neck-to-neck with beautifully embellished tombs and gardens that are relics of its Mughal narrative. This influence is apparent in their customs and the way they live their lives, most particularly in the interior décor of their homes.

Are you looking to do up the interior of your home in Lucknow? Top HomeLane designers bring you tips to get your décor fundamentals right in this charming city!

Wooden Handicrafts

Lucknow is famed for its handicrafts, with craftsmen renowned for their expertise in woodwork and wood carving. The woodwork in Sheesham wood rose and teak that is embellished with enamel reflects the exquisite artistry and skills of the local craftspeople. Use these lovely wooden screens with latticework and carved ornamentation in your homes to showcase the local ethos.

Prayer Rooms

Every home has a special prayer room, which is located in a quiet corner of the home. Soft floor mats, wooden holders for religious texts, oil burners and baskets for offerings can enhance the ambience of this room and deepen your spiritual experience.

Ornamental Lamps

Layers of lighting help to bring your rooms to life, adding functionality and character to the spaces. In addition to the general lighting and task lighting, you can light brass lamps, not just on religious occasions but to enhance the ambience during the evenings. The tea light candles inside these gorgeous latticed brass lamps cast soft flickering shadows on the walls and create a surreal atmosphere, while blue and green coloured glass adds to the appeal.

Embroidered Cushions

Fine embroidery is much appreciated, and seamstresses from Lucknow are well versed in the art of chikankari work, weaving and dyeing of fabrics. Cushion covers with zardozi work, sequins, and mirror work are very popular, and floral motifs with intricately detailed leaves, creepers, trees, birds and animals are much loved in this region. Use these cushions and soft furnishings in the living and bedrooms to add the local touch to your décor.

Persian Carpets

A throwback to the days of the Mughal rule, the tradition of crafting fine, hand-knotted Persian carpets is a legacy that has withstood the travails of time. Woven into their warp and weft are stories spanning centuries of history, written in colours that shine like jewels; ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue and golden ochre. Persian carpets can hold pride of place in your living room and are a prized possession that can be handed down for generations to come.

Courtyard Homes

If the courtyards of Lucknow’s havelis could speak, they would tell tales that date back to the sixteenth century. Stories of poets and artists, dances and paintings and rich crafts and culture still abound in these lovely old homes. You can capture a slice of Lucknowi history in your home by working the design around a traditional open-to-sky courtyard. These courtyards allow free flow of air between the floors and through the rooms, keeping the air within the house fresh and well ventilated through the seasons.

Colourful Dining

Patronised by the Nawabs, the traditional food of Lucknow was a feast fit for royalty. Exquisite spreads included spicy biryanis, elaborate kebabs and warqi parathas, and most of the recipes are fiercely guarded family secrets even today. With so much attention being paid to the cuisine, food becomes a shared and delightful experience, with every fragrant mouthful being deeply relished. The dining table is decorated with colourful mats and table runners and is usually designed to seat large families and gatherings of friends. Every meal usually comprises flavoursome platters that are shared and passed around.

Incense and Fragrances

Lucknow’s perfume industry is well known across the world. Known as Attar in the local lingo, these perfumes were introduced in India by the Muslims, and the delicate, lingering incense and essential oils created in this city are highly sought after. Homes in Lucknow are imbued with their own preferred aromas, that are distilled out of aromatic herbs, spices, sandal oil, musk and khus. Recreate these intoxicating fragrances from the past in your own home, and keep alive the traditions of this beautiful city!

Terrace Seating

The climate is hot all around the year in Lucknow, and a terrace garden with a pergola shade above can not only provide a lovely outdoor seating spot, but it can also cool down the rest of your home. Soft lighting, comfortable seating with plenty of cushions and a profusion of greenery can make this a warm and inviting space.

interior design trends in Lucknow

The interiors of homes in Lucknow represent a rich, vibrant meeting of the old and the new; respecting the cultures and traditions of this city that is richly steeped in history. With just a little help from HomeLane, you can style your Lucknow home to reflect your lifestyle choices and match the décor trends of this happening city. Call us today—we can’t wait to get started on creating the perfect home for you!

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