Interior Design Trends in Indore

A city that’s always abuzz with commercial activity, Indore in Madhya Pradesh’s largest city and is well known for its rich and glorious history. Indore is quite aptly considered to be the business capital of the state, and most residents are business people who have a very cosmopolitan background. As such, the interior décor scene in Indore represents a melting pot of cultures and traditions— and interior designers have their hands full when it comes to catering to the diverse interior designs styles that are trending here!

If you’re looking to do up your home décor in Indore, here’s what you might want to keep in mind!

Eclectic Styling

Businessmen from all corners of the country have settled down in Indore, due to the burgeoning markets and myriad business opportunities that are here for the taking. Design influences from the North and the South find a happy marriage in Indore homes, with the best décor trends coming together in the mixed styling of interiors.

To nail the eclectic style of home design, you can experiment with mixing and matching disparate elements into a cohesive whole that’s bursting at the seams with quirky personality and depth. This style can be a bit daunting for first-timers, so do keep a few basic pointers in mind:

  • Select a core colour palette that’s subdued and neutral, and add various layers of décor elements one at a time without going overboard.
  • As you could be using a lot of mismatched furniture and accessories, its best to keep most of the walls bare and simple. One gallery wall can be loaded with pictures that add a pop of personality.
  • For the large part, you should play with patterns that fall within the same tones of colour groups. But don’t be afraid to go with your gut and use a bold element that disrupts the colour theme, yet seems to fit.
  • Have fun experimenting with interplays of texture for a unique eclectic feel.
  • Each room can have one statement object that grabs attention, like an oversized stuffed armchair or a striking pendant lamp.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! Eclectic décor is all about having fun!

Climate Responsive Design

As is the case with most of the plateau areas in central India, the climate in Indore is tropical. Days are generally balmy and hot, and nights are cool. The traditional building type here in days of yore used to be buildings constructed of mud, and villages that dot the outskirts of the city still houses some of these vernacular hutments. In keeping with age-old design traditions in this area, city architects have taken to designing homes around open courtyards to moderate the harsh effects of the climate.

Try to carve out some ‘lung’ space for your home to breathe, either within your home or as a small pocket of green just outside. Even a terrace garden or a profusion of plants on the balcony can help to cool down the temperatures and provide some much-needed freshness to your home décor. If space permits, create a little alfresco dining space in the courtyard where you can enjoy your morning cup of tea in peace!

A Home Office is a Must!

With a large percentage of Indoreans involved in some form of business, every home here must have a dedicated home office space. Set up your home office in a location where you will be undisturbed for the larger part of the day, away from distractions like the sound of the television or the endless whistles of the pressure cooker!

Here are some pointers to get your home office décor just right:

  • Organize the storage well. You should not have to keep getting up for essentials once you have started working.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi works well, and you have all your technology in place. A printer, laptop charging stations, and a good audio system with headphones are basic essentials. Get a wire manager and tuck away cables out of sight.
  • Plan the lighting well. If your workstation is not next to a window, get the right level of artificial light to help you avoid eye strain.
  • An ergonomically designed chair and the table will help you avoid chronic back pain in the future!

Need more guidance on the home office interior design trends in Indore? Read our blog for more tips on how to set up the perfect home office.

Design Trends in Indore

Indoreans are Foodies!

The people of Indore love their food, and the cuisine here is as diverse as the lifestyle. From South Indian idli and sambhar to the typical Dal-Bafla cuisine of the Malwa region, dishes from every state find favour with local palates!

Meals are prepared with a lot of love and shared with warmth by the whole family. The dining and kitchen areas of Indore homes are designed with plenty of care, with the core focus on functionality as well as aesthetics. Traditional cabinetry that uses wood and wood derivatives is very popular in modern Indore homes. Families love to host each other for shared evenings together, and open kitchens that allow family and friends to be a part of the food prep is very common.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, eke out every bit of available space by using smart kitchen accessories such as corner units, cutlery trays and pull-out pantry units. Optimize space and get the most out of your kitchen cabinets, shelves, nooks, and corners!

interior design trends in Indore

Interior design trends in Indore are eclectic, quirky and bring together the best of Indian art and culture. HomeLane experts can help you put together the perfect home décor in your Indore home, that complements your personality and brings out the best in your preferred lifestyle. Call us today and let’s work together to make your interior dreams come true!

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