Interior Design Tips To Create Privacy For Your Balcony

A balcony is a luxury these days. With spaces becoming small and homes getting limited to just a couple of rooms, very few people have balconies in their houses. So if you are fortunate enough to have a balcony of your own, make the most out of it and enjoy using it to the fullest. You do, however, need enough privacy to enjoy the space and make it your own. So when drafting your interior design plan, look to incorporate some clever ways to make your balcony private. Read on to know more.

Follow these tips to get the privacy you need in your balcony while making sure that it looks stylish and elegant as well:

Balcony Blinds

Blinds are popular choices when it comes to enclosing balconies. Blinds are light, easily available and very simple to install. They can also be removed if needed, and carried while shifting houses. When you need a little privacy you can pull it down, and it can be opened when you want the air and light to come in. Not only are they handy and sturdy, but they are very much in vogue as well.


Shutters are like blinds. But they are heavier and sturdier. They can also be drawn and folded as per your requirements. You can get shutters not just to make your balcony more private, but also to protect it from the harsh rays of the sun, from rain and from gusty winds. You can find shutters in beautiful colours and designs.

Collapsible Grills

If you have an open balcony, you could consider covering it with a collapsible grill. These grills are available in various designs. They make your balcony and also your home a lot safer as you can close and lock them when you need. As they are fully collapsible, you can open them and enjoy an open balcony when needed. If you do install such a grill, remember to coat it with waterproof paint. Metal grills, though handy, do get rusted quickly. Nothing robs the aesthetic value of your balcony more than a rusty, unattractive grill!

Heavy Curtains

You always have the option of covering the balcony with some curtains. If you simply want to enjoy some quiet moments with your loved ones in the balcony, without your neighbour’s peeping in, you can draw the curtains. However, remember to get heavy curtains for the balcony, as there will be a lot of breezes to deal with. Curtains, however, won’t block out sound. So if one of your requirements is silence in your balcony, then curtains may not be the choice for you.

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Balcony Plants

Plants in your balcony have multiple uses. In fact, plants are one of the hottest trends in interior design nowadays. If you don’t have an attractive view from your balcony, in addition to making your home look prettier, a well-planned balcony garden can block the view as well. Place plants on railings and in front of the railings to create a screen, and thus preventing others from seeing what’s happening inside.

Fabric Windscreens

Many people opt for fabric windscreens for their balconies.  These are portable screens that work well to temporarily make your balcony feel private and peaceful.

Clever Accessory Placement

You could also place furniture and other accessories in a certain way to block the view from outside. For instance, if you want to enjoy some quiet time with your partner in the balcony, place some large cushions all around. Place some chunky lamps and tall flower vases to block out the prying eyes around!

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Maintenance Of Balcony

Whichever privacy option you choose, you must keep it well maintained. For example, if you place plants in your balcony, make sure you water them every day. If you opt for curtains, have multiple sets, so that you can wash and change them frequently. Unless you take care of these small details, your balcony won’t remain as beautiful as you want it to.

The Final word

If you have a balcony, enjoy it to the fullest. If the weather permits, enjoy a meal with your family out on it. Use it as a cosy reading corner on a rainy evening. Or simply wake up and smell the fresh air early in the morning. Whatever you do in your balcony, it’s always better if you have a little privacy.

For your interior design plan, make sure that you consider these tips to ensure that you get the privacy that you need. Also, ensure the method you choose is flexible, and you can open the place up when needed. After all, along with privacy, you also need ample amounts of light and breeze to enjoy your balcony properly.

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