Interior Design Jargon Buster! Part 2 

Only when you are in the process of getting your interiors done will you realize how many interior-related words you are unfamiliar with. Here are another set of jargons from the world of interiors that will help you to get on the same page as your interior designer.

1. Foyer

The foyer is the space that connects the entrance to other rooms in the house. Not all homes have a foyer. In many cases, the entrance door opens directly into the living room.

2. Mezzanine

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between two main floors, which is in many cases low- ceilinged and overhanging the lower living space. Mezzanine spaces can be put to a multitude of uses, such as a charming little play area in a child’s bedroom.

Interior Design Jargon

3. Niche

A niche is a shallow nook in a wall that can be used to house some storage, or a decorative artefact or plant. Niches can be used to great advantage in an interior, and with the right lighting and background can be the highlight of the entire room.

Interior Design Jargon

4. Retro

A retro style is something that refers back to the past, dating back at least 20 years. The right accessories can take you back in time. Retro styles make bold and funky statements, and usually are a lot of fun! Bright and vibrant colours and wild oversized designs were very ‘in’ in the retro era. 

5. Accessorize

When creating the perfect home interior, you must accessorize the rooms to reflect your own personal style. You can complement your décor and breathe life into your spaces, using accessories like lamps, plants, artwork and so on. This traditional living room cleverly interposes artefacts with the books on the shelves and coordinates shades of orange in the cushions and flowers.

Interior Design Glossery

6. Bevelled glass

Bevelled glass has edges that are cut at an angle and polished, making it reflect light in very interesting patterns. This type of glass is often used in shutters and gives a decorative appearance that goes well with the classical look.

Interior Design Jargon buster

7. Classical style

Classical décor uses soft colours and neutral shades to follow symmetry and balance in the layout and use furniture that is old-school and traditional. The interior is understated and elegant, and no one piece would jump out and grab your attention.

Interior Design Jargon

8. Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are modern, designed with clean lines in sections and are available in a variety of fabrics and styles. These sofas go beautifully with a modern contemporary look. Urban Ladder has a wide variety of options for affordable, sectional sofas that are perfect for putting up your feet and relaxing in front of the TV!

Interior Design Jargon

9. Console

A console is a small multipurpose table that can be used in different spaces and combines style with functionality. When placed in the foyer of a house, it is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used to hold your keys, bills, and small items. In the dining area, a console can be used as a sideboard for cutlery and table linen. In the bedroom, it can be used as a dressing unit.

Interior Design Jargon

10. Mural

Any piece of art that is directly applied to a wall is called a mural. Murals can take many forms, from oil or tempera paintings to plasterwork and terracotta or porcelain artwork. A decal is a kind of mural that transfers a pattern, usually of paper or film, onto the wall using heat or water.

Interior Design Jargon

11. Chamfer

A chamfered edge has a neat 45 degree angled cut on the right-angled corner, in order to remove the sharp corner. Edges of furniture can also be rounded, to make the furniture safer for children’s use.

12. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general lighting in a room that creates a soft glow without causing a harsh glare. It is not meant for carrying out any specific tasks such as reading or working. Ambient lighting is often created using spotlights in the ceiling, or a series of track lights, such as shown in the room below. Ambient lighting can be used for any setting and should be accentuated with focused task lighting—like a reading lamp on a study desk, or mirror lights in your dressing room.

Interior Design Jargon

We do hope that you have been able to grasp some of the terms your interior designer throws at you. In the comments below, do let us know what other terms you would like to know about, and we’ll cut through the jargon for you!

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