Interior Design Inspired from Black and White Colour Combination

What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘Black’ and ‘White’?

The primary connotations that would usually strike anyone are— spectral contrast, light and dark, transparency and mystery, tranquillity and commotion, and many similar themes.

When it comes to home interiors, people usually prefer the hues from the rainbow palette— blues to reds, and sometimes browns and greys. However, very few think beyond these typical shades and consider black and white for their home décor.

Samuel Fuller, the famous American screenwriter and director, once said, “Life is in colour, but black and white is more realistic”. True to his words, the inclusion of black and white hues in your home décor adds a touch of much-needed drama and gravitas.

A black and white coloured furniture item, wall, floor, upholstery, or any other piece in your home, is sure to become an attention magnet wherever it is positioned. This contrast adds a dash of sophistication to the room and also makes it a lot more elegant.

If you are interested in adding some black and white elements to your home interiors, take a look at these cool home décor ideas to get you started.

Wall Colours in Living Room

If you have a white/off-white/ivory-coloured wall, decorate it using black-coloured photo frames. You can also accentuate your existing photo frames by inserting black and white artwork in them. This home décor idea adds immense depth to the walls and gives the viewer the impression of attending an art exhibition!

White coloured brick-style walls are in vogue these days and can be considered if you are redecorating the entire space. 

Floor Tiles in Bathroom

The bathroom is one area in the house where you can experiment with checkered tiles. Small spaces appear visually elongated and lend an illusion of a larger room. The trick here is to use small to medium-sized black and white tiles to create that perfect illusion.

Match these against white/ivory-coloured ceramic sanitary ware and walls to complete the look. You will undoubtedly be keen to spend more time in the bathroom going forward!

Black and White Kitchen Cabinets

Among home interiors, the kitchen is one place that appears strikingly beautiful when designed in black and white. The very construct of any kitchen allows anyone to experiment with a black and white theme.

For example, suppose your kitchen has a black granite or a white marble top. In that case, you can play around with the contrast by doing a mix-n-match using black and white-coloured drawers, cabinets, cookware, appliances, or even the dining furniture.

Bedroom Upholstery

Home décor ideas take centre stage in the bedroom area. While bright and vibrant hues usually govern the colour palette in our bedrooms, try breaking the monotony by spreading a crisp monochrome bedsheet and pairing it with a few black and white striped or patterned pillows.

Add a touch of elegance by draping the windows in a combination of dark tone curtains. This setup will create a silhouette of monochrome lighting in the room, making it a lot more inviting.

Take the experience a notch higher by placing a classy black lampshade on the bedside table. The artificial lighting will be subdued and lend a very understated shadow effect in the room.

black and white upholstry

Workplace Furniture

For a large chunk of the working population, work-from-home (WFH) will be a norm for the foreseeable future. In this scenario, it makes complete sense to have a dedicated area and workspace for your office-related activities.

Having a black and white themed workplace oozes professionalism, gives the impression of a clutter-free environment and looks neat on work-related video calls. Essentially, a black and white décor ticks all the boxes. You couldn’t agree more with this, right?

If possible, make sure the adjoining walls are white to make the overall ambience perfect.

black and white furniture

Sofa Furnishing in the Living Room

The living room in any house is where all the social gatherings occur, either with family or with friends. Thus, the living room needs to be warm, cosy, and have enough space for all essential things.

Place a sofa with black furnishing against a white wall (preferably). The cupboards and storage cabinets, made of dark wood or wrought iron, can be placed alongside to add to the charm. Keep the curtains white or a lighter shade to maintain the contrast and yet place the spotlight on the couch/sofa.

Black and White Living room

Black and White Rugs

If you are not in the mood for any kind of large scale redo of your home décor, a rug will do the job effortlessly. Spread a large black and white rug— geometric or artsy design, on the vacant floor and see the magic unfold.  

Opt for a grey/charcoal-toned rug if the room already has some black and white elements. This simple home interior idea will not only make the room appear contemporary but will also add a new dimension to it. 

black and white rugs

If you need any assistance in deciding how to do your home interiors, visit HomeLane for some unique black and white home décor ideas. Our experts will help you in the best possible way, in a highly personalised manner.

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