Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

As a travel enthusiast, you must be familiar with the need to pick up mementoes from each of your sojourns overseas. We’re sure that you have a cheesy collection of refrigerator magnets, hats, picture postcards, colourful trinkets from exotic marketplaces, and an endless collection of photographs from every country you’ve visited stashed away in your home in a forgotten corner.

It’s time to dust out these memorabilia and give them the place they deserve in your home interior! We’ve got some décor ideas to inspire you. 

Recreate your Bucket List on a World Map

You can’t call yourself a travel enthusiast if you haven’t created your bucket list as yet! A lovely way to keep track of it is to pin up pictures on a giant world map, frame it, or mount it on the chart board and put it up on the wall. Every time you look at it you’ll get the inspiration you need to plan your next vacation!

Country Themed Décor

Each country has some décor elements that really make an impact and encapsulate the ethos of their culture. You can recreate these elements in your own home, and relive your vacation right at home. Each room can follow a different theme, or you can mix and match ideas for a charming eclectic effect.  The living room below could be straight out of Japan, with the characteristic rice paper screens, delicate bonsai arrangements, and low seating. Ready for a tea party, anyone? 

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

No seaside holiday is ever complete without a long, lazy walk on the beach, picking up seashells of all shapes and sizes! Once you’re back home, put them together as a DIY project that will remind you of the fun you had that day. This lovely wall hanging is easy to create; just string together pretty shells and frame them with rough wooden bars. Can you smell the surf in the air?

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Showcase your Collectibles

Every travel enthusiast has their own special collections, be it magnets, flags, idols, or exotic masks. Whatever piques your fancy, make sure it’s on display for the world to see! Group your collections on the centre table, put them up on the wall, or show them off inside a display case. Each collectable represents a cherished memory and needs its own special space in your home.Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Create a Photo Essay on your Wall

Photographs are the best way to freeze memories in time. Put up your collection of travel pics on a feature wall, and keep adding more every time you get back home from yet another trip! Choose simple frames, so that the pictures do not get overshadowed. Curate your collection, and make sure that every photo has its own story to tell. 

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Vintage Travel Trunks

It’s time to dust those ancient travel trunks from the loft and put them on display in your home. They can be upcycled into unique centre tables for your living room, or as side tables next to your bed. Prop one on top of the other for a charming effect. Don’t remove any of the old travel stickers, they add to the vintage look!  

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Create Enough Storage in your Wardrobe

Speaking of travel trunks, you’ll need space to stow away all those travel suitcases. So if you haven’t done so already, do plan a loft or deep storage for suitcases as part of your wardrobe. Large suitcases are 30 inches high and 19 inches wide, so design the storage space accordingly. You can also store suitcases in a closet below the stairs, or a box room that doesn’t need to be easily accessible.

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Say it with Posters

Travel posters are usually beautifully designed, cheery, and fun-filled, making them a great wall décor option. Spruce up a bare wall with a collection of travel posters, and get the spirit going!

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Travel-inspired Bedroom Décor

This bedroom is sure to get you dreaming about your next vacation! We love the backlit wall decal above the bed and the aeroplane mobile above the bed. The narrow open shelves next to the window are perfect for holding travel memorabilia.

Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

Showcase your wanderlust with travel-themed interior ideas. Need help in putting your home design together? Do connect with the HomeLane team for personalized interiors that will be the talk of the town!


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