Interior 101: English Style Home

You must have heard people talking about their furniture, decor, style, architecture and other similar things. Have you ever heard of someone bragging about their “English Style Design” house? The first and the foremost thing to know about this style is that English style design highly emphasizes having a strong bond with nature and cosiness. The most elements of this style include thatched roof, wooden floor, and effusive garden around the house. This is exactly how it feels to live in the countryside.

Coming onto the decor; it depends on the occupant whether they prefer having formal or casual decor in their house. This is because Englishmen and women were more focused on function than flair. One thing that they always kept in mind was that the entire house was filled with different shades of colours and that they had traditional-style furniture. If you find all these elements in one place, that’s the house you are looking for. Obviously, you can create such an ambience and aesthetics of your home as well.

So, here are a few things that could help you in recognizing these houses.

Include wooden furniture only

There might be a few other material furniture, but the predominant furniture material in an English Style Home is wood. As discussed above, this helps in connecting with nature. You can use any favourable wood in that case because now you have ample numbers of options. The wood you use can be light or dark, painted, distressed or stencilled. Houses of this design usually use wood from Oak trees for everything and brass wherever metal has to be used.

English Style Furniture 

Now, another significant thing about English style homes is that they usually and mostly accommodate traditional style furniture. The reason behind this is the aesthetic look and feel of the house. This kind of furniture was initially used by Queen Anne and then her successors on the throne. The sofas and chairs of these houses have deep-seat and high upholstery with fabric sustaining patterns on it.

English Furniture

Use colours for decoration

One thing that defines English style houses is the colour combinations that decorate the entire place. Hues are pulled out of nature to decorate the house like yellow, red and pink from roses. The colour might be muted or vibrant according to the occupant’s choice, but the colour palette usually features more than two colours that make the interior of the house beautiful and breath-taking.

The colour palette makes the home decor different and better than any other architectural form. Talking about the colour scheme of the kitchens; British style houses have white cabinets and colourful countertops and other accessories.

English style colours

Wallpapers always do wonders

Even in today’s time if you visit England; you would see that every house has wallpapers in their interiors. If you wonder why and when wallpapers became common; then the answer to this question is “Victorian Era.” Yes, during the reign of Queen Victoria, the trend of putting up wallpapers started. Later it turned out to be an important and integral part of the British style houses. According to a lot of books, the wallpaper artist of that initial time was William Morris whose textiles were inspired by flora and fauna around his place.

English Home wallpapers

Bring in some antiques

You might or might not be an antique lover, but if you wish to set-up your house according to the English style houses; then you will and must include the antique section. It is not specifically for a particular room but for an entire house. All the antiques should be well-aligned and in place. You can always consult an expert of this taste to know which and where would the antique suit the most. You might be thinking that the style and design of any masterpiece are what you should be worried about, but the placement of all the antiques is equally important.

Period detail

To have a perfectly English style home, you need to get into the detailing as well. These types of houses feature several decorating accessories. This includes a lot of things such as wainscoting, beamed ceiling and much more. All these small things add to the authenticity of your home – keeping the charm of that era alive in your living space. Also, do not forget to include chandeliers and a fireplace if you have the space for it.

These are a few insights about the English Style Homes. If you are looking for one or building one in the same style, do not forget to include all the above elements. To know more about this architecture or design, visit HomeLane and explore similar articles and experts who can guide you to having a great living space in this style. Make sure to talk to their experts if you wish to get more insights on where and how to get the things that could keep the ancient charm of this architecture intact for you.

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