Interior 101: Chevron Interior Style

Are you looking to instantly amp up your style game with some bold, impactful design? A chevron pattern could be just what you need to inject a dose of personality to your contemporary home interiors. Whether you choose to incorporate this playful stripe on your walls, floors or furnishings, it’s sure to become the focal point of your room!

What is Chevron?

Chevron is a trendy geometric pattern that’s on the top of designers’ lists this year, and with good reason too! Once the mainstay of quilts and bed linen, this fun stripe can be used to advantage in just about any room in your home. Here are some delightful ideas to inspire you to go the chevron way.

Bold and Beautiful

A black and white theme is as stylish as it gets—and this bold accent wall features a chevron stripe that gives this living room a wow factor. Inclusion of glossy surfaces, like the glass centre table and the smooth polish on the floor, effectively reflects the patterns to form delightful illusions of continuity. 

Colourful Retro Style

Chevron designs have been around for a long time, as this retro-themed interior shows us! The lovely pastel shades in the rug perfectly complement the lone aqua armchair. If you are opting for colourful rugs or carpets, the key to maintain the existing colour palette while considering other decorative pieces is to choose colours from the ones already included on your rug or carpet. 

Minimally Styled Bedroom

In this minimally styled bedroom, the chevron cushions in grey and white pack a punch. All the accessories in the two-tone interior are very simple and minimalistic, peacefully co-existing with the bold stripe on the pillows.

Geometric Textures

The gorgeous chevron rug is the star of this stylish family space that features an interplay of geometric patterns against a neutral colour palette. The rest of the furnishings in the room are laid-back, allowing the floor to grab all the eyeballs.

Sunshine Cheer

This DIY pattern on a ceramic planter can be an interesting DIY project on a lazy weekend! All it takes is some acrylic paint, a brush and the creative streak in you. Decorative art pieces as such are ingenious, inexpensive, and are exquisite additions absolutely anywhere.  Pro tip: To get neat edges, use painter’s tape to mark the zigzag borders of the pattern before you start painting.

A Shot of Pure Fun

A warm vintage-themed bathroom gets a peppy burst with bold, chevron striped bath towels that make just the right impact. It is important to maintain a balance between busy prints and monochrome in order to make a space visually appealing. 

Soft, Soothing Stripes

This classic Scandinavian kitchen uses strips of creamy marble tiles in a soft chevron pattern on the floor and backsplash. The colour palette is muted and subdued, and the flooring follows suit. The entire colour palette is soothing and has a striking element of calmness about it.

Eye Catching Tiled Walls

Grey and white tiles in a herringbone pattern add an interesting and creative element to this bathroom wall, which takes on the typical appearance of chevron due to the variations of grey in the tile. The inset niche is lined with plain grey tile to create a subtle contrast.

Chevron All the Way

A spirited colour palette is a hero in this eclectic themed dining space! Pastel shades dominate, with chevron patterns stealing the show. A bold grey and cream rug complement the multi-coloured chevron wallpaper on the accent wall.

Vibrant Table Décor

The perfect setting for a family brunch, this colourful table is set with pretty-as-a-picture table linen in vibrant rainbow hues. The colours in the zigzag stripe are repeated to dramatic effect in the napkins, placemats and even the floral arrangement on the table.

Zig and Zag

Chic, bold patterns in the cushion covers add a peppy touch to the plain cream sofas, transforming the ordinary to creative in an instant. The neutral tones of the sofa allow easy style changes by swapping out the cushion covers to suit your mood.   

Soft Patterns in Linen

Chevron patterns are versatile enough to go with almost any style of décor. The sharp edges of the
chevron patterns are watered down in this soft grey and white bed linen, that amplifies the warmth
of the rustic brick wall and tropical palms.

As you can see, this dynamic zigzag pattern easily takes centre stage in any room, making its presence felt amongst cool wall or window treatments, boldly patterned upholstery, and floor rugs that grab attention. Would you like to go the chevron way in your home décor as well? For design support and more tips, you can always reach out to our designers at HomeLane.

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