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Hotels and restaurants are distinct hospitality hubs that welcome many people daily. The higher the number of customers, the better their profitability. However, this influx of people makes these places susceptible to pathogens and germs. There is a better way. With a UV disinfection cabinet, you can ensure the protection of both accessories and humans. Besides, a UV chamber is effective and easy to use.

What is an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet?

Ultraviolet rays are powerful disinfectants against dangerous microbes like viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. You will find it between visible light and x-rays. As a result, they are invisible to the naked eye. A UV spectrum with wavelengths between 200 and 300 nm is reputable for deactivating germs. Hence, it is termed “germicidal.” A UV disinfection cabinet uses ultraviolet rays to perform rigorous chromatographic analysis and cleansing of different materials. By combining different UV wavelengths, it generates enough energy to inhibit the activities of pathogens. Thus, it makes hotel and restaurant items safe for frequent use.

How does a UV disinfection cabinet work?

UV disinfection is a physical and systematic process of inhibiting the activities of pathogenic organisms. It delivers results promptly. When you place the items to be cleansed in the chamber, ultraviolet fluorescence interacts with the DNA of these microbes. It breaks down their genetic formulation easily. As a result, they lose their ability to multiply.

Also, it restrains them from carrying out their normal body functions. Since it requires no chemical, it removes the fear of toxic residues on the materials. Some of the diseases it helps to prevent are typhoid and cholera. Furthermore, it eliminates the toxicity of chemical pollutants like pharmaceutical wastes and pesticides. Moreover, some people believe it is effective against coronavirus.

How does a UV disinfection cabinet work in hotels?

  • Hotels and restaurants will find it a valuable addition to their company assets. It prevents members of staff, customers, visitors, and accessories from contracting viral and bacterial diseases.
  • Gadgets and accessories: Landlines, telephone box, and remote control are commonplace items in these hospitality outlets. They are susceptible to harboring germs. Customers pass them around quickly and leave them for other users. Furthermore, you can sanitize your mobile devices and other gadgets with ease.
  • Food preparation arena: The kitchen is another portion of a restaurant that records many people. To keep it safe for the kitchen staff, you can cleanse the utensils like knives, spoons, forks, whiskers, etc., with UV rays.

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Tips on using an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet

  • Ensure that the UV chamber is constantly connected to a power source, except when not in use.
  • Carry out a preliminary cleaning exercise. Remove debris, films, and other items that can block the light path.
  • Make use of the cabinet hangers to keep the materials in position throughout the purification process. You can cover the items with transparent plastic bags before placing them in the chamber.
  • Put enough spacing between the items to ensure the full circulation of UV light.
  • Secure the door before turning on the light. 

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