How to Throw a Zoom New Year Party

Ready to bid 2020 goodbye? Since we still can’t meet in person to celebrate the end of year/beginning of the new year, zoom, the year’s go-to tool, is here yet again to save the day, safely. Your new year party may not look like any other year, but we are here to help you throw a party that’s infinitely more enjoyable than just another work call.

Dress It Up

It’s time to get out of those PJ’s and start the new year afresh in your most flattering outfit that you have saved for a special occasion. Even better, pick a theme! Having a dress code will help everyone connect and feel like they are actually attending a party. Either go for the classics (all black, disco theme etc.) or get creative by picking a very specific theme like characters of a television show for example. You could even present the best-dressed person with a small gift to make everyone do their best.  

Send Out Digital Invites

Once you have decided what the theme is going to be, it’s time to make an invite and send it out to your guests. Choose from one of the many free templates online to easily create a fun one. It should include the dress code or theme, the time of the party and the link to join. 

Digital invitations for New Year

Get the Drinks Out

Having an online party means that you don’t have to be shoved around while waiting for the drinks at the bar – Drinks, which are watered down and cost a fortune. Online parties mean that guests can get their preferred drinks at a fraction of the cost. If you are throwing the party and have the budget for it, send out mini champagne bottles to your guests well in advance so that you can all pop it together. Otherwise, remind your friends to get their drinks and snacks arranged so they don’t have to run around looking for it while everyone else is having fun. 

virtual new year party ideas

Decide on the Activities

A favourite topic around the new year time is what everyone’s new year resolutions are going to be. But other than general chit-chat, make sure you plan out what the party entails. You could go with a few new years specific activities, like making your own DIY New Year props (party hats anyone?). Your options really depend on what you think the guests will like. You could ask everyone to pitch in a few bucks to do an exciting game of bingo. Make it a trivia night, have fun with some karaoke or go back in time to your teens and play “two truths and a lie”. You could also hire an entertainer to join the party: a comedian, DJ, singer, tarot card reader etc. If you want to keep things simple with just a few close friends, pick a great movie, microwave some popcorn and start the new year with the classic movie night. The options are unlimited.

zoom new year party

One last tip: make sure that your internet is set up in advance so that you are not fumbling with the wires when its time to party. Hope you are ready to say bye bye to 2020 and helloooo to 2021 with a safe, fun and memorable virtual New year party to start the year off right.

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