How to set up your home with pastel colours

Even if you are a contemporary fan, pastels can play a vital role in lighting up your abode. If we talk about present times’ interior, people are opting for minimalism and clean lines. Pastel colours are one of the most dominant features in the interior game right now. From magic mint to rose tan, the pastel colour palette makes anything look calm and soothing.

People look forward to making their home interiors look breathable but end up adding elements that make it sharp. That’s what happens when you have a lack of guidance from an interior design expert.

With the perfect design solutions, we are here to help you through your course of redecoration. With a complete guide on how to set up your home with pastel colours, we will help you make your home a paradise of tranquillity with the right pastel colour combination.

Starting off: What are pastel colours?

Pastel colours are popping everywhere and not just at the candy shops. You must have heard the term ‘pastel colours’ an endless number of times, and some people still wonder what category it is. In technical terms, a hue with high value and low to medium saturation comes in this category. This definition gives us a vast number of colours to consider in this category. Hence, pastel colours are no longer limited to baby pink, light blue, mint green, or mauve.

Incorporating pastel colours

Challenge arrives when you have to integrate the pastel colours palette in your home, and you don’t want to go overboard with it. The most basic way is to paint one wall of the room in pastel colour and let it do the talking. Keep the other accessories in sync with the walls but in a minimalistic way or it can take over the appearance of the whole room. Choose a colour that goes with the furniture of that specific room and gives a sense of subtle contrast.

Pop up the big one

If you want to keep your walls subtle white, you can choose to accessorise your room with a pastel colour combination. You can put up an interesting piece of furniture in the room and make it look chic with a bundle of pastel cushions. After all, there’s nothing that cushions can’t solve. There will be nothing better if your sofa is of pastel colour, as it adds on to the drama.pastel colors

Eat-in pastels

As we are talking about ‘pastelising’ the complete home, how can we skip on the kitchen and the dining area? A room with a wooden setup needs to have something that makes it soothing. Hence, introduce ceramics in your home that are pastel in colour. Another way of incorporating pastel colours in the home interiors is to restructure your kitchen and make it modular with pastel colour pallets. Currently, shades of pastel blue are ruling the kitchen.pastel colors

Layer it up

As we said before, there’s nothing that cushions can’t solve. Similarly, layering up your furniture with soft furnishings can change the game for you. Layering your floor with a soft-hued rug, throwing a kilim rug on the sofa, layering your bed with pastel cushions, it could be anything. Layering solves all kinds of purposes in modern interior designing. It also adds a chic and warm look to any room.pastel colors

Plant it in

In pastel homes, we need some fresh element to keep the home balanced. Hence, plants do the deed without adding on to the drama. But you can’t let the planters kill the vibe. So, paint the planters pastel or any other soft hue, and you will be sorted. Make sure you paint them in the colour that syncs in with the rest of the vibe of your room. Such planters will also help if you want to keep the pastel vibe intact for the balcony.pastel colors

Art speaks volumes

Going by the minimalistic rule, people don’t believe in accessorising much. For those souls, we have one idea that will make your room shine with the least. Put up art that shouts ‘PASTEL’, and you are good to go. A single colossal art piece can change the entire look of the room and can escalate the pastel look as well. Keeping all the other significant elements basic, you can add a similar hued accessory in the place to create a theme.pastel colors

With all these pieces of advice from experts, you can create your pastel paradise on your own. Dive deep into your artistic side and pull off the modern look for your home. HomeLane will always be there to help you with the designing solutions to incorporate pastel colours in home interiors, like walls, soft furnishings, laminate colours, etc.

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