How to Set up a Small Library/Reading Nook at Home

A small library or reading nook at home is the perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life. It can be your cosy little oasis of calm in an otherwise fast-paced urban lifestyle. A little corner where you can cuddle up and enjoy your flights of fantasy in solitude, shutting out the rest of the world.

You probably dreamt of a high ceiling room covered with books, ladders to reach those shelves, dim lighting, and some dark wooden furniture in your home library. These daydreams may seem impractical now, when you are faced with real-life as an adult in all its cold reality. But who says you cannot create the perfect little library in the tiniest of spaces? With clever space management, smart investment, and ample creativity, you can create your small library with a reading nook.

Here is some inspiration and a few tips to get you started on your project to build the perfect reading nook for your home:

A Cosy Couch

The most decisive factor that sets apart the perfect reading nook is how cosy it is. You should be able to sink right in and feel space evaporate the worries of your materialistic life. Find the right couch that feels like a warm hug. Look for soft cloud-like materials such as faux fur, velvet, and so on. Make sure the upholstery is uber comfortable and conducive to curling up in your preferred reading posture.

You could add in a bunch of cushions and a throw rug to maximize the comfort factor. A general rule of thumb to purchase furniture for the library is to go for designs that are inviting, homey, and comfortable to lounge on while reading for an extended duration.

Seats with Built-in Storage

If you want to make the most of your smaller space, invest in a window seat with attached bookshelves and built-in storage. This is the perfect solution to all your space constraints- whether it is related to your storage woes or scanty seating space.

 You can adapt a storage-cum-seating solution to maximise on utility wherever you are creating your reading nook. A library needs to have sufficient space to store and display your book collection. The attached shelves are perfect for proudly showing off your favourite books and the prettiest covers in your collection.reading nook

The Right Colour Palette

Choosing the right colour palette is very important to create an atmosphere conducive to reading and relaxation. You can either go for the minimalist vibe with pristine white for your furniture and upholstery, or go for a warm pallet with mustards, rusty oranges, browns, and beiges to create a cosy and homey atmosphere.

The white colour-scheme will definitely make your displayed book collection pop and transport you into a zen state of mind. On the other hand, a warm colour palette with warm lighting will make you feel like cuddling up with your favourite book and a cup of hot cocoa.reading nook

Pops of Colour

A pop of colour can vastly change the look of your space. Especially if you’re going for a white minimalist decor, a few pops of yellow, teal or any colour that resonates with you will definitely elevate the atmosphere of the reading nook. It adds an element of fun.

In case you are going for a colour pallet that is warmer or busier, choose complementary colours to break the monotony and add interest. For instance, if the main colours in your pallet are brown and mustard, break it with a pop of red or orange, and so on. Also, you can play around with neutral “pops” if the rest of your colour scheme is brighter. Cushions, rugs, carpets, and curtains are great elements to experiment with if you are looking to add some colour to your small library. reading nook

Details and Decor

You can deck up your reading nook with fairy lights, cute planters, photo frames, book-ends, or souvenirs you have collected over the years. You can display your vintage vinyl or CD covers to add some interest to your space. If you are going the musical route, you can also consider a small ukulele or guitar as a functional element of decor.

Plants are a great way of adding some freshness to space. Verdant leaves of indoor plants are a treat to the eyes.  You can also explore quirky planters in fun colours and shapes to jazz up your space. reading nook

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Arrangement of Books

How to arrange books in a library is an aesthetic choice that is often ignored. However, it can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your reading nook. The aesthetic of the arrangement can contribute to the quirkiness of the space. A traditional, serial, and tidy arrangement contributes towards a minimalist aesthetic. You can also experiment with stacking them up in interesting ways for a more dynamic and eclectic vibe.       reading nook

While your reading nook should be an extension of your personality, this need not mean that you must set it up all by yourself from scratch. You can get small library designs with a reading nook personalised by professionals within a remarkably pocket-friendly budget.

Shall you need any assistance in setting up your perfect reading nook, get in touch with our experts at HomeLane!

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