How to Install a Chimney-Style Range Hood

Installing a chimney-style range hood can add style to any kitchen. And, in cases where rooms had no ventilation beforehand, it improves indoor air quality.

For a more modern look in your kitchen and improved air quality, try installing a chimney-style range hood.

Materials needed

  • Range hood
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Round Metal Duct
  • Metallic Duct Tape
  • Decorative Cover

1. Prepare the Work Area

We begin by moving the stove to access the work area. This house has an existing vent to the roof but it will need to move slightly. There is also an existing outlet, but it needs to be moved closer to the center of the space.

2. Create Support

While the wall is open from that change, we’re also adding blocking between the studs to support the new range hood. Once we repair the drywall we can mount the range hood motor assembly and lay out the location of the chimney support.

3. Place and Mount the Hood

The specifics of how this unit mounts will vary with each hood. Using a level we can work from the hood body to plot the center of the new location for the roof vent.

By drilling a small hole from the room side, I can layout the new location on the roof. Once I cut out the larger hole, I can patch the old hole and relocate the roof vent.

4. Wrap Up the Roof

The roof should be re-sealed with whatever material was used before. Then, we slip a piece of round metal duct into the roof vent and over the outlet on the range hood. These joints are sealed with metallic duct tape.

5. Install the Cover to Complete

After the drywall touch-ups and painting are complete, we can install the decorative cover over the chimney to complete the project.

Watch the video for more information!

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