How To Incorporate A Breakfast Nook In Your Kitchen Design?

Breakfast nooks are fun, warm and inviting spaces where you can start your day over a pot of coffee and some croissants. Our top designers give you their best tips on how you can incorporate a charming breakfast nook in your kitchen design.

Consider the Space Available

Can you use a corner of the kitchen as a breakfast corner? Corners are generally underutilised. Adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen corner could be a great way to add functionality to an often neglected space.

An end of a countertop works well too, preferably the one closest to the entry point. If you have an open kitchen, the ideal spot for a breakfast nook is the counter space between the kitchen and dining areas.

If you have a larger kitchen then you can bring your breakfast table right into the middle of the space, like an island in the kitchen.

Decide the Counter Height

A breakfast counter that’s higher than the kitchen counter is more formal. If you choose to have one at the same height, it adds an informal touch and looks like an extension of the kitchen counter itself.


Here’s a collection of pretty breakfast counters to get you started. Put on your design caps and let the ideas flow!

Quirky Breakfast Nook

This fun-filled breakfast corner is lightweight and quirky. The chalkboard wall alongside lets you quickly scribble notes and to-do lists. It is also perfectly complemented by the patchy grey wall finish behind the table. Potted plants, wicker baskets and mismatched chairs add to the charm.

Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

Celebrating the View

This small dining set up in front of tall bay windows is a celebration of the lovely garden view! Enjoy your morning meal here, and your day is sure to go well.

Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

Delightfully Light

This glass breakfast nook is a delightfully light addition to a smaller kitchen. Note how the glass perfectly complements the white walls and cabinetry. It also opens up the spaces, making them look larger than they are!

Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

A Breakfast Counter with All the Right Curves

This designer has chosen to cantilever the end of the countertop into a functional semi-circular breakfast table; very practical use of the space available. The reddish-brown granite is an extension of the colour palette used through the kitchen design.Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

Bring the Dining into the Kitchen

Why don’t you consider a remodel of your kitchen and dining into one large space? You can get more counter length, and plan to have the dining table right in the middle of the open-plan area. Just like this cosy cottage kitchen that’s encased in wood.

Elegance in Steel

This burnished stainless steel breakfast counter is easy to wipe clean and looks great against the white cabinetry and almost clinical style of tiles. Open shelves on the dining room side allow for easy access to plates, cups and bowls. We love the droplights above the counter.

Contemporary Chic Breakfast Nook

This sleek breakfast counter encapsulates contemporary chic, with the clean lines of the white table in simple contrast to the light pine wood interior, stools and parquet flooring. The white on the wood palette is emphasized in the lines of the ceiling rafters, and the exposed brick whitewashed walls add the rustic touch.

Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

Luxury, Personified Breakfast Nook

In this kitchen, the island counter has been modified to create a sit-down breakfast space that is high on functionality as well as aesthetics. The cleverly coordinated fabric chairs add a special touch of class.Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

Piping Hot Food

The gorgeous kitchen below showcases a breakfast nook right next to the countertop hob. The polished grey granite beautifully sets off the custom wood cabinetry and the wood flooring. What a lovely way to have piping hot pancakes straight from the stove to your plate!

Kitchen designs with breakfast nook

Breakfast nooks are all the rage right now. Add your own twist to this fun space and create a lovely nook where your family can get together and begin the day!

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