How to Decorate the Bedroom Accent Wall

Keeping all the walls of a similar pattern can make the room monotonous. Adding a unique element gives it an enhanced look. Your walls are your canvas, and you can add your colours, patterns, figures, whatever you’d like. Especially when we are talking about your bedroom, it is your space, and you can do all the experiments you’d like. There are endless possibilities to decorate the room. However, such endless options make the decision part difficult. After all, you don’t want to get up in a blah bedroom, do you?

So, what to do after you have changed your bedding and everything else, but nothing made a difference? Well, accent walls are the new trend people are opting for. This trend can make your room look bigger or smaller, whatever you’d wish for. That is why a word of advice is needed while making this crucial decision for designing your room. HomeLane makes it easier for you to pick as we come up with the most convenient designing solutions.

Choose a Wall

There is a strategic way to choose a wall for your accent wall experiment. The function of an accent wall with respect to a bedroom colour is paramount. You have to put the design on the wall that is the focal point for your room or the wall that might just become the focal point after you have spilt your creativity on it.

There are different ways of choosing the wall.

  1. It has to be a wall that catches the attention when you wake up or enter the room, whatever you feel like.
  2. The wall you choose has to be unobstructed as the designs make a better impact when they are inflow. There shouldn’t be large pieces of furniture in front of it, and there shouldn’t be any windows on that wall. If the wall is asymmetric that way, that will make your room a lot busier, and the design doesn’t even show.

If you still can’t choose a wall from the four available ones, choose the fifth one – the roof.

Choose a Colour

Once you have picked the wall, it is time to decide the colours you want to spill. The colours you put on the wall have to be something you relate to, and it has to be in sync with the vibe you add to the room. Depending on the colour of the other three walls, the colour of your accent wall has to blend with each other. Some shades can make your room look bigger, and other colours can give a cosy vibe to the whole set up. Use a chalkboard finish to seal the deal.

Warm Shades

Warm shades can make your room look warm and smaller. The view of the wall is pulled towards the eyes. Colours like orange, yellow, and red can be categorized as warm colours. Accommodation of a single wall sporting a warm colour, in contrast with neutral or light tone complementary colours, can be eye-catching.

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Cool Colours

These colours will make your room look bigger, as it pulls away from the eye. It will make your narrow room look wider. Green, blue, and purple are the shades in the hood of cool colours. They are perfect for bedrooms since they are known to cast a soothing and calming effect.

Subtle Hues or Bright Drama

You can create a monochromatic look or play around with colours depending on what you relate to. If you want to add a pop of colour to your room, you can let one wall do the deed. If you intend to bring a neutral shade to your room, choose a deeper shade of the existing colour of three walls, and you are good to go.

Bring out the Design

Painting a wall is easy, but creating an impactful accent wall involves bringing different elements to the plate. There are various elements that you can play around with, and some of them are wallpaper design, wood treatment, three-dimensional tiles, patterned, salon-style, mounted plates, painted panelling, artwork collection, vintage spools on the wall, gallery wall, mirror accent wall, corrugated metal wall, vintage shelving wall, book pages.

The list goes on!

Choose what depicts your style and let your bedroom speak for you. It also depends on the textures you want to add to your room. Each element has its texture. Mixing them up can make your room look weird and busy, which isn’t a good approach to choose a design for your bedroom.

Are you all set to show off your creativity with your bedroom accent wall? HomeLane will be happy to provide all the help you need and all the designs you dream of. With a blend of expertise and trend ridden team, we are all about creating magic with our design instincts.

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