How to Create a Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

Over the years, baking has become an essential part of Indian cooking too. Baking is a hobby that brings the whole family together and provides ample opportunities to create memories. Children love to try their hands on cookie baking. Cakes, pizzas and lasagne baked at home give you a whole new dining experience. Not to mention the appeal that the images of these cooked dishes add to your social account.

Baked items add an extra edge to your dining table servings as well. So, if you are planning to have a baking area in your new home or if you want to customise and personalise your existing kitchen and utilise dead space in the kitchen to get a hassle-free baking experience, here are some essential tips that would help you live your baker’s dream!

Optimise the Available Space

Baking involves fancy equipment, utensils, and ingredients. But before you decide on buying any of these, make sure you have optimised the already existing design and personalise the space as per your comfort. Areas like the kitchen peninsula are amongst the dead spaces in a kitchen and can be used for setting up the baking nook. If you are moving to a new house, set up a modular kitchen that caters to all your baking needs.

Choosing the Right Material and Height

Selecting the right material for the platform of the baking area is very important. Steel, granite, quartz, or ceramic are the most preferred ones when it comes to a baking nook as these ensure a dust and dirt free surface. Also, the height of the baking platform and oven placement should be easily accessible, neither too high nor too low.Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

The Sink

Since baking results in a lot of mess from ingredients like flour, sugar, and cream, it becomes imperative that a sink is always near the baking nook so that cleaning can be done after every baking manoeuvre. Granite, marble and ceramic sinks prove better as compared to steel sinks as far as hygiene and maintenance are concerned. Keep plenty of wiping cloth, surface cleaner, and tissue paper to clean the baking platform before and after you bake. Flour can attract insects if not properly cleaned.Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

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The Location of the Baking Nook

You can easily utilise the dead space in the kitchen by establishing a baking nook in that area. Utilise the kitchen island to install vertical ovens, pull out drawers and racks for storing every baking essential. Ensure that the area is not too congested. Modular kitchens give you an option to create the baking space as per your need. Have a dedicated space for baking trays and ingredients.Baking Nook in Your Kitchen


When you start with baking, you may end up burning the dish. This fills the house with a foul odour. It is therefore suggested that a ventilation arrangement should always be available in the form of a small window or ventilator with an exhaust fan.Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

The Sitting Arrangements

Sitting arrangement is a vital aspect to be considered while designing the baking area because baking is seldom done alone. Mostly, children tag along when you are baking. Even if you are a new couple, it would be a great bonding opportunity to bake with your spouse. If you call your friends over, you can chat while your delicacies bake. Use stools instead of chairs for the sitting area in the island or peninsula region of your kitchen. Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

Planning Electrical Points

Planning an electrical point for the oven is a great way to utilise dead space in the kitchen. Baking equipment is generally electrical, so make sure there are enough plug-in points for all the equipment like hand blenders, mixers, etc. These days people prefer watching cookery videos over recipe books, so make sure that you have an arrangement for setting up your mobile/tablet on a stand along with charging points for the same.

Organise the Baking Utensils

Have a dedicated space for baking trays and ingredients. Dedicate a whole pull-out drawer for the baking trays and sheets. Keep the utensils clean and dry at all times. Colourful mixing bowls, spatulas, and baking dishes can be stored in open shelves to add colour elements to your kitchen. Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

Horizontal Pantry

Installing a horizontal pantry is the best way to utilise dead spaces of the kitchen. You can opt from a variety of customised or DIY pantry shelves(open or closed). Keep all essential ingredients like sugar, flour, baking powder, choco chips, etc. in this pantry.Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

Choose the Right Oven

Last, but certainly not the least, is the type of the oven that you’d install in your modular kitchen. Choose the type that best suits your baking requirements. The size of the oven will depend upon the number of persons. Double ovens are an in thing these days because not every one of us has huge kitchen spaces. The solution? Install vertical double ovens to utilise dead space in the kitchen in a stacked approach.Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

Setting up a baking nook in the underutilized spaces of your modular kitchen is the way to go. Your utilised kitchen island will make baking a refreshing experience. Follow these steps to transform your kitchen into a baker’s paradise.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a hefty sum for this makeover! Many interior designer firms like HomeLane offer several renovation options for modular kitchens in the ranges that suit your budget. Believe it or not, this investment will surely add immense value to your kitchen time.


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