How to Choose Right Living Room Accessories

If you are a social bird and love to entertain at home, then your living room is a fun room for your friend circle. You can keep it rustic or chic depending on your style. If it has a neutral background, then you may pump it up with some bold and loud accessories. If your living room is small, then you may follow a single colour palette and keep it calm and serene with the appropriate use of living room accessories and décor items. Home interior is like an art where you visualise the ultimate image and find products matching to that image. 

Living room décor is all about adding finishing touches to your lounging area, sitting area, or any other space that you consider for relaxing and entertainment. There are so many ways and types of accessories that can uplift the home interior. We have curated a list of products that can be found in a vast range of selection and can be procured from a thrift shop to a luxe store.

Add Greens – Real or Fake Plants

Indoor plants are one of the greatest additions to any home. Anything with life is good to have around the house. They are soothing to eyes, can be used for consumption, can help in purifying the air in the room and much more. With plants, you don’t have to necessarily pick green; you may choose something yellow or orange or any other colour. The options are endless. If you are someone who has been known to kill a cactus, then you may resort to fake plants. There are many options in the market which look almost as good as real. You have a few things to consider when selecting a plant. These things include the size, purpose, colour, position and pot. Go with something that you think you can manage and maintain on a longer run.

Rug or Rugs

Living room décor isn’t complete without a rug. Rugs can be used to create a focal point in the living room or to segregate a section in the room or to add a layer to your home’s interior. A variety of rugs are available in the market. You can find them online and in-stores. It is recommended to pick a rug considering the weather and size of the room. There are multiple ways to spread a rug in a living room. You can find a lot of inspiration on social media and other online sources. A bright rug can be used to add glamour to an otherwise neutral themed room. A neutral rug can be used to add to the rest of the home interiors. We can also select patterns and prints after considering drapes and cushions.

Living room accessories rugs

Personalise it 

Everyone wants a little bit of themselves in their home interiors. It can be done by creating an art wall or photos or a picture of a quote you like. Anything that screams your name resonates with your thoughts, goes with your personality and is loved by you. Many people like to frame and display their artwork. There are innumerous options here. Just browse through Instagram and select a doable way to showcase your personality in your living room.

Personalised Living room Accessories

Coffee Table

A coffee table is not just an aesthetic accessory in your living room décor, but it is a functional one. You can add a glass coffee table or a wooden coffee table, whatever goes with the rest of your home interiors. The range of coffee tables available in the market can be daunting. Therefore, it is best to create a list of expectations and set a budget for the coffee table. To this list, you can add the size of the coffee table, the number of people visiting your place for weekend parties, foldable or layered, budget and more. 

Throw Blanket and Cushions

Throw blankets and cushions can be another impressive addition to beautify your living room. Choose material as per the weather in your area. You may or may not choose to use cushions depending on the size of the sofa. Throw blankets come in exceptional quality and can be a good investment. 

Display Trays

A tray is another fun and functional addition to the list of living room accessories and décor items. It can be used to keep magazines, a bowl of munchies or anything that you would like to use. Display trays can hold remotes to the stereo or television. It can be a place to keep a vase of flowers and more. Choose a tray according to the size of the coffee table. It shouldn’t be too big and take up most of the space on your coffee table. It shouldn’t be so small that it doesn’t serve any purpose.

Living room decor

Tissue box

We all keep tissues in our home, but what matters is how they are displayed. Many hand-made and fancy tissue boxes are available in the market that can really add oomph to your home interior. If you want an outstanding reaction from your guest next time they visit, make sure you place a pretty tissue box on the tray.

Living room accessories

Living room accessories and décor can uplift and refresh your home interiors without requiring too much effort from you. A simple addition of pretty and functional things to the room can make it charming and more comfortable. Interior designers at HomeLane understand the need for good and functional interiors. Their designing team not only provides design help but also helps you in the visualisation of the ultimate décor by using décor boards, colourful palettes, and advanced technologies.

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