How to Choose False Ceiling Lights

If you thought that the ceiling of your home is just about fans and some decorative lights, you need to rethink. There is so much scope for making your ceilings look visually appealing as the other elements of your home. Let us tell you how.

Every house comes with the conventional flat roof slab known as a ceiling. You can tweak it to uplift the style quotient of your home through false ceiling lights. These days, false ceiling lighting is becoming quite a craze among the homeowners, and you might want to hop on this trend!

Decoding False Ceiling

Also known as a secondary ceiling, a false ceiling is perched below the main ceiling with hanging poles or another kind of suspension support. You should incorporate false ceiling in your interiors for several reasons:

  • It gives an ultra-modern look to your home when fitted with ornamental lights.
  • It conceals electrical wiring, cables, ductwork or pipes; ugly beams; and blemishes or uneven surface of the basic ceiling.
  • It is useful for thermal insulation and optimization of air conditioning.
  • It gives the right height to the room if the base ceiling is too high.
  • It can reduce noise levels.
  • However, a false ceiling may droop over the years or during a natural calamity. Hence, it is crucial to pay attention to its design, material and maintenance requirements as per the structure of your home and climate or environmental conditions of your city.

False Ceiling Light Ideas for Your Home

There is no shortage of aesthetic and functional options for false ceiling lights. Whatever your choice is, you can rest assured that they will work wonders for your home décor.

LED Recessed Lighting to Suit Every Space

LED recessed lights are warm and pleasing with a soft radiance. You can play around with your imagination and décor likings when it comes to LED recessed lights. You can install them on the false ceiling at a specific distance from each other to light up the entire room or use it as a standalone for a focal point such as painting or wall ascent. What’s more, these lights are energy-efficient and thereby, light on your pocket.

Drop Pendant Lighting to Set the Mood

With a name so beautiful, drop pendant light also does perfect justice to its look as it resembles the miniature version of a chandelier. They are suspended from the false ceiling through a rod or a chain. They are ideal for illuminating the dining table, a centrepiece or a cosy sitting area. You can even use drop pendant lights to transform lacklustre stairwells and foyers into wow spaces. They are available as a statement singular piece or in multiple pieces to add layers to the lighting.

Another variant of the drop pendant light is the inverted pendant light. The lights facing upwards, creating a halo effect on the ceiling.

Cove Lighting to Create a Dramatic Effect

Want to choose indirect lighting that makes both your ceiling and walls shine? Then cove lights can come to your rescue. The cove lights offer both soft and diffused lights, depending on how you want to add some drama to your space. They are installed into depressions or crown mouldings of the false ceiling. Cove lights are best-suited for bedrooms for dreamy ambience and living rooms for a luxurious appeal.

Track Lighting to Throw a Spotlight

The beauty of track lights lies in the fact that you can use them to flaunt your artefacts around your home. It can throw the spotlight on your coveted architectural piece, musical instrument, bookshelf or any unique object to which you want to attract visitor’s attention. You can position four to ten lights along a rail or track on the false ceiling and adjust them in the different angles and joints to suit your home décor preferences.

Flush Mount Lights for Minimalistic Indulgence

When you believe in minimalist living but still want to treat your eyes with arty décor lights, you might want to consider flush mount ceiling lights. These lights are fitted close to the ceiling and suitable for large spaces. They are especially very functional if your home has a low false ceiling or for spaces like basement, attics and kitchen.

False Ceiling Light Maintenance Tips

Both false ceiling and its lights call for low-key maintenance. This will ensure that you do not have to shell out much money on repairs or replacements and make them last longer. A few tips to bear in mind concerning false ceiling lighting maintenance are:

  • Every false ceiling or lights are made from different materials. Follow the cleaning and care instructions given by the interior decorator or manufacturer.
  • Be gentle with dusting or sponging the false ceiling surface and lights to avoid any cracks or damages.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments to clean the hidden corners of the false ceiling.

False ceiling lights can add uniqueness to your home décor. However, it should always be customized to match your décor style and needs. You can consult home interior décor partners like HomeLane to get personalized false ceiling light solutions. With more than 900 design experts in its team, HomeLane can create just the perfect dream home you want to live in! You can book a free online consultation and turnaround the look of your home within 45 days.

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