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There are those who know how to do handyman work, then there’s the ones who are professional plumbers because they will do the job that others won’t. There’s a certain way that plumbers operate, and we’re going to tell you what you’ll need to know before you ever hire one if you need to.

Know Your Plumber’s Experienced

There are different levels of education in most contractors, and plumbers are no different. You’ll want to make sure that whoever works for you is experienced. This doesn’t mean that even the novice plumber (known as an apprentice) is disqualified, but think about what you need done. If you hire a master plumber, you’ll have less worries, and you need to know that different plumbers have different experience and training methods.

A Journeyman has about 4-5 years of plumbing experience when they first started out as an apprentice. You can feel satisfied knowing that they’ve probably passed a test and is pursuing training and learning from courses in this field.

A master plumber as mentioned earlier, is the best of the best. They’re true masters of their trade, and they’ve taken years under their belt, probably trained plenty of people themselves, and they’re actually registered with the state you’re in, and have even completed licensing exams to earn their certificate.

What Types of Services are Offered?

This is something that you need to check on as well. Many plumbers have different specialties, and you’ll want yours to have your needed repair or maintenance done by someone who has experience with this. Some of the best plumbers even have experience operating, repairing, and replacing gas and heater lines. Some even have electrical licenses as an electrician. It just varies.

Do They Need to be Insured or Bonded?

There are differences between insured and bonded. If you are going to consider hiring a plumber, then you want to know that in case of any mishaps, that you’re not legally responsible for things.
Do They Need to be Insured or Bonded
The best local plumber has commercial liability insurance and is bonded. This is to protect you with their service guarantee and allows them to offer a warranty. You do need to make a copy of both proofs in order to hold up in court in case of an emergency – and you want these before you ever hire the plumber. Some plumbers only have liability (which covers them), or a surety bond (which pays for repairs or damage to your system or home that a plumber causes with the repairs they did.


You want to ask plenty of questions, especially the ones listed above. Do this and gather references, and make sure that your plumber is completely qualified to do the job for you. There’s a reason why the best plumbers in the area have been able to win numerous awards and keep the customers they have – because they offer the exemplary service to their customers. Also, you’ll also know that communication will be easy if you hire a plumber who is local too.

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