How Old is Your Roof? It’s Time to Check

A roof is said to last, depending, of course, on the material of its construction, around twenty-five years. Some roofs can last longer, others less. You must regularly check the quality and condition of your roof to ensure it does not deteriorate or fall apart. A damaged roof can be a big problem for your home and can cause structural problems, as well as causing its value to plummet dramatically. A damaged roof can allow damp, mold, and wild animals easy entry into your home, and before you know it, your attic will be the home to a community of bats.

How old is your roof? It’s time to check.

How Can You Check?

The easiest way to check for deterioration in your roof is to ascend to the top of your home and inspect it. You can also go up into your attic and look around (providing you have one) and try to spot any holes, drafts, or damp patches. Generally, one of these two methods will yield success in determining whether or not your roof is damaged or simply has exceeded its lifespan. Checking should be performed as safely as possible. Ascending a ladder onto your roof can be very dangerous if you are not careful, and many a person has wound up seriously injured through improper climbing and inspection.

Repair or Reinstallation?

When you do find damages, you will be posed with the question as to whether you should repair or completely reinstall your roof. According to the folks from Beck Roofing & Restoration in Houston, who offer both restoration and repair, often customers need to be educated about which decision is best to make, and a professional roofer should be able to provide that advice. For that reason, when you are establishing whether or not to repair or reinstall – you must consult a professional who can safely and properly advise you of what the best course of action might be.

And If I Don’t? 

Choosing to not repair or restore your roof can yield devastating consequences. Ignoring the damages on your roof can be very problematic, and your home will likely develop structural problems, mold, and damp – and it can seriously devalue your home, should you ever decide to sell it. Not restoring or repairing your roof when it is in the process of deteriorating is a big problem and can also put your neighbor’s homes (and pedestrians) at risk. As your roof begins to deteriorate, it may shed tiles, fall apart, or cave inwards on your home. Always address a damaged or tend to a roof in need of restoration.

Should You DIY?

Many are probably wondering if they can do it themselves. Assuming you are not an experienced roofer, attempting to repair or restore your own roof alone is a bad idea. It is a job best left to the professionals, do not even bother attempting to climb up and fix it yourself.

With the help of this page, you should now be able to identify a problem with your roof and have it fixed. Roof repairs can be a real headache, but sometimes they are a necessary evil. Don’t allow your roof to degrade – have it repaired as quickly as possible.

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