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How Usually Ought to You Change a Fridge Water Filter?

For many individuals it’s arduous to understand how usually to interchange a fridge water filter. You clearly need to get most worth out of your funding by utilizing it so long as you possibly can, however on the identical time, you don’t need to push it too far and find yourself consuming unfiltered water as soon as the filter stops working. 

It doesn’t matter what model you’ve got. Samsung, LG, and Westinghouse fridge water filters all work in an identical means. It’s common for individuals to make use of these filters for a lot too lengthy. This exposes them to ingesting contaminated water, which is the precise reverse of what they needed within the first place when buying their filter. It is usually quite common for individuals to fully overlook that they should change their water filter each 6 months to a yr, relying on the extent of utilization. 

Even when you’re water nonetheless tastes advantageous, there could also be contaminants getting by means of the outdated, clogged up water filter. A few of these chemical compounds or metals don’t have any noticeable style, so that you would possibly nonetheless unknowingly ingest them. 

When you’ve got a big household, say 4 or extra individuals, and you employ your fridge ice dispenser and chilly water faucet pretty usually, you ought to be altering your filter each 6 months. For a smaller household or a pair, who use their fridge ice maker and water dispenser much less usually, altering the filter yearly would suffice. Even when you not often use water from the fridge, you need to by no means go away your filter unchanged for greater than 2 years at an absolute most.


Water often travels for miles and miles earlier than reaching your property. Alongside the way in which it collects filth and contaminants from the steel piping, together with lead, and may embrace different chemical from agricultural runoff and different pollution and so forth. Most fridge filters are made from carbon and are designed to take away three main contaminants: lead, chlorine, and risky natural compounds (VOCs). Some increased finish filters are additionally rated to take away chloramine and cysts from soiled water as properly. 

Carbon filters work by appearing as a magnet for contaminants. The pollution persist with the big floor space of the carbon, the place they’re held and restricted from flowing on, into your consuming water or ice. Because the floor space of the carbon is stuffed up with toxins nonetheless, the filter will get much less and fewer efficient at cleansing the water. 

When you don’t change your water filter and use it previous its capability, it’s going to ultimately clog up and cease filtering correctly. The carbon will attain most capability of the contaminants it could maintain, and water will stream on by means of the filter, nearly fully unfiltered. The soiled and clogged up filter will even develop into a breeding floor for micro organism, which may trigger much more contamination of your consuming water provide. When you don’t know easy methods to swap out the filters you possibly can at all times ask a neighborhood handyman or plumber to come back and enable you to do it. 

As a result of above, it’s endorsed you modify your water filter frequently. Set a reminder in your telephone or calendar so that you don’t overlook. Having an outdated, clogged up, micro organism harbouring filter can really be worse for you than having no filter in any respect, so don’t danger it simply to avoid wasting a number of {dollars}. Change you filter a minimum of each 2 years, however extra frequently when you use your fridge water usually.

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