How Can I Decorate My Kitchen On A Budget?

If you want to give your tired kitchen a new look, don’t worry about shelling out big bucks! Decorating your kitchen can be done even on a shoestring budget with some ingenuity and proper planning. Here are some simple ways to decorate your kitchen on a budget.

1. Change just the cabinet doors.

Keeping the cabinet boxes intact, you can get new shutters in a new style or colour—and instantly transform your kitchen! New cabinets are pricey, but with this short-cut, you can get a new look at a much lower cost. In some places, you can even consider removing the shutters altogether to create open shelves where you can display interesting earthenware or mugs.

Pro Tip: Replacing existing shutters with frosted or clear glass-panelled ones will give your kitchen a lighter look.

2. Get a New Countertop

If you have modular cabinets, then replacing the countertop is an easy fix. There are some beautiful material options available like Corian, wood, marble, quartz, granite and more. Pick a colour that complements your cabinetry, wall and floor finishes.

Kitchen on Budget

Tip: Make sure that the material you choose can be wiped clean, or it will be very hard to maintain.

3. Add Some Texture with an Accent Wall

A non-messy and super quick way to change the dynamics of your kitchen would be to create an accent wall. Use wallpaper, textured paint or a solid colour finish to highlight a wall that does not have any storage.

Kitchen on Budget

4. Redo Just the Lighting

It’s amazing just how much lighting can change the look and feel of a space. If you have white light, change to yellow, or vice versa. Add task lighting below the cabinets and throw some much-needed light in dark corners. Kitchen on Budget

5. Redo the Backsplash

Another easy way to upgrade your kitchen is to redo the backsplash. This option won’t cost you a whole lot of money, but will definitely give your kitchen a whole new look. You can replace the existing tiles with bright new ones. You can also try something new and innovative, like a laminated backsplash or even painted glass.

Tip: The backsplash is an area that can accumulate dirt and grease very fast, so choose your material with care!Kitchen on Budget

6. Add a Blackboard to Your Kitchen

Adding a slate wall to your kitchen is an interesting low-cost idea that gives it a unique look. Keep some chalk handy, and use it to scribble down your shopping list right where it can be seen!Kitchen on Budget

7. Remove One Wall to Get a Bigger Space

If your kitchen is cramped, you can open it up by taking out the wall that leads to the dining space. Open kitchens are very much in vogue these days, and the added dimensions will completely transform your kitchen. If the layout of your home permits, you can consider moving your dining table into the newly created space and create a kitchen-cum-dining that is high on utility.Kitchen on Budget

8. Create a Herb Garden

Grow your herbs right where you use them, in little pots on your kitchen window. If you don’t have space on your window, then create a vertical herb wall. Spice up your cooking with some organic fragrant herbs, fresh from your very own garden!

Kitchen on Budget

9. Clear up Some Space with Hangers on the Wall

A simple—and very pretty— way to de-clutter your cabinets is to hang up your pots and ladles on hooks, either below the cabinets or on the wall. Display your favourite pots and spoons to add a bit of interest to the decor. Not only are they more easily accessed, but they will spruce up your kitchen’s look. Furthermore, you will free up some much-needed space inside your cabinets.

Kitchen on Budget

10. Spruce up Your Windows

If you already have blinds or drapes on the kitchen window, replace them with new ones that match your colour palette. Do remember that any fabric near the sink will get dirty soon. A sensible upgrade would be Roman blinds that can be neatly drawn up and out of the way when the sink is in use. If you have an interesting view outside the window, then you can even think of doing away with a window treatment altogether.

Kitchen on Budget

As you can see, it’s possible to get a whole new look in your kitchen without breaking the bank! A word of caution —never compromises on material quality or durability when you are decorating on a budget as it doesn’t pay in the long run! If you need any help at all on your home interiors, get in touch with the experts at HomeLane.

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